1. jaypee

    RMMV Need help on QM Collision plug-in after install mouse do not work properly

    Hi I recently installed the qm plug ins everything is working except for the mouse and the player wont move unless using the keyboard here are the pictures.
  2. 73Penguins

    Remove Skills?

    How would I go about removing the Skills option from the menus in my game? (eg; magic attacks.)
  3. xeneeve

    RMMV Letter animation for MV?

    Hello everybody! I need help. Does anyone know how to make a plugin that will animate the letters when they appear in RPG Maker MV? I know that something similar to this exists for VX Ace, but because of different code languages i can't use it in MV. I just need the simple fade-in effect for all...
  4. ChershireHatter

    RMMV Script Steal from NPC

    Hello! I want to make a possibilty in my game, that you can sneak up behind a NPC and steal out of it's pockets. I have used some scripts from hime and yanfly to sneak behind the NPC and press a button to start the "steal-event" I searched for scripts like that, but I didn't find something I...
  5. RMMV SRD Character Creator ex on Android/IOS/Web

    I am trying to port my game to IOS and Android. Basically everything is working except for SRD Character Creator EX. My understanding is that SRD's plugins are reliant on Node.Js functions. In the code for SRD Character Creator EX, there are many references to 'fs' (file system). Something...
  6. Mac15001900

    What is the new "notification feature"?

    So, MV just got a small update on Steam, and the patch notes mention that it includes a new default plugin and a "notification feature". Anyone has any ideas as to what that is? EDIT: Well, I probably should have just waited until I'm finished updating before asking this :rswt. For anyone...
  7. Trevaz

    help with player notepad plugin

    Hello, to make my game I'm using the Player Note pad plugin. (https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/player-notepad-in-game-text-editor-for-the-player.91259/) It's a really good plugin, but I have a problem. My game is in Portuguese, and the plugin was not designed for that language...
  8. RMMV Help with Mod Loader

    Can someone shed some light on how to properly use this plugin? The google drive link for the demo is dead and I can't for the life of me figure out what i should do. I get the error that there's "no active mods" when using the dev console. I thought it conflicted with other plugins but it...
  9. Callan1990

    Looking for a pixel artist!

    I am looking for someone to help convert some sprites for me. I am using Moghunter Chrono engine which uses the picture below labelled $Hero01_swd02 and $Hero01.png.. I would like for the People1 (boy) and People2 (girl) sprites to replicate the Moghunter sprites but without the sword, so that...
  10. Callan1990

    Looking for an artist for image rework!

    Hey all! So I was hoping someone was able to point me in the direction or create some images for my project, I have a grid view inventory system and I would like to get some graphics from my icon set but enlarge them without making them pixelated like the InventoryIcons.png below. I have added...
  11. Callan1990

    RMMV Need help with a bug or a compatibility issue?

    I am currently using Moghunter Chrono Engine ABS and MRP_Grid Inventory plugins. I keep getting this bug error whenever I open the item menu, it should open an equip window and inventory window. Please see screenshot below. Any help is appreciated! Thank you. I couldn't find a link to Moghunters...
  12. Callan1990

    RMMV Dream X Prefixes and Suffixes & Yanfly Equip Requirements

    Hey people! So I have Dream X Prefixes and Yanfly Equip Requirements plugins in order to have level requirements on certain prefixes such as having to be level 1 to equip a worn short sword. My trouble is figuring out how to add a level requirement to both the weapon and prefix so that the...
  13. Callan1990

    RMMV Mog Hunter Chrono Engine with Dead Selfswitch Issue?

    So I am using Moghunter Chrono Engine the ABS version. My issue happens when I set a Dead Selfswitch in the enemy note tag, for some reason this happens (see picture)? I started by making a teleportation scroll that takes me to MAP ID, POS X, POS Y etc.. Once I left the map and teleported back...
  14. valerieplanets

    RMMV turn switch on when you've crafted everything? (yanfly)

    hi all!! just a simple question, is there a way for yanfly's item synthesis plugin to detect when you've crafted every recipe? i want to make a switch turn on when it sees you've crafted all your recipes. thanks in advance!!!
  15. Callan1990

    RMMV Looking for a HUD Kill Counter

    Hello! I am looking for a plugin that can recreate the kill counter display like in the Champions of Norrath PS2 game. I found many plugins that allowed tracking your kill count with variables but nothing that is similar to what I am looking for. I used a picture event but it wasn't great. See...
  16. Callan1990

    Looking for Animated Enemy sprites for MOG Hunter Plugin (MV)

    I am trying to make some new enemies for Mog Hunters Chrono ATB plugin, however I only have the ones available that come with the demo. I could use any sprite but they won't have an animation and it looks dull in a battle. I have looked online and haven't found anything, so if someone could...
  17. PersistentDreamerGames

    Exporting Troubles

    So I'm trying to export my first game in MV. I'm trying to export as a web browser based game on itch.io. I'm considering exporting to Newgrounds as well possibly. It's a purposely bad game I made in a few hours for a game jam. I saw this forum post here but I'm not quite sure I understand...
  18. Kato-A

    RMMV Breathing effect

    Hello! I'm using MogHunter's Character Motion to give my characters that breathing effect, but even at the lowest intensity the effect looks pretty exaggerated. I'm using tall characters and have a constant zoom on the screen. So I wonder, is there another plugin that does the same function and...
  19. CaptainGameMaker

    RMMV MV3D: Some 3D models have a glitchy transparency in them.

    Hello all! I'm using mv3d premium and some model turn out perfect, while others seem to have this glitchy transparency in them. Left 2 Images: Glitchy transparency Right Image: No glitch Please help
  20. xsyper

    Making some alternative MP system

    Hello there, its my first time posting anything here, so I hope I am note posting this in the wrong place... Also I have not a proper english talking, so I can end up saying something offensive or just gramatically wrong, if that is the case I am really sorry. Now talking about the important...

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