1. CrasheR

    Crashykk's Workshop (MV/MZ, VX/VX Ace, 2003)

    Note: Tiles shown on this page are still work in progress and are subject to change. Usable in: MV/MZ, VX/VX Ace and 2003. Style: Retro Resolution: 16x16 Release date: (Demo available) Info: These tiles are created with RPG Maker MV/MZ in mind, although thanks to 16x16 (16 pixels per 16...
  2. coucassi

    RMMV Tortellinas Easter Festival

  3. Vis_Mage

    RMMV Galv's Magic Shards Class Change Add-On

    Hello! :kaohi: Would someone be able to help me create an add-on for Galv's Magic Shards plugin? What I'm hoping to achieve is to change the class of the equipped character based on what shards they equip. For example, if they equip 1 Fire Shard, they become a Fire Mage. If they swap the...
  4. HiddenAlchemist

    RMMV YEP_MessageCore: Is there a way to completely remove the font outline?

    Is there any way, through another plugin or something else, that can completely remove the font outline when using Yanfly's Message Core? Although you can reduce the outline to 0 in plugin parameters, there is still a very faint outline there. It looks pretty bad with bitmap fonts in particular...
  5. Puzzle Help

    I apologise if this has been asked before but I couldn't find anything related to it. I am trying to make a puzzle for one of my dungeons in my first game where you have to get all the floor tiles illuminated. It's a similar idea to this: Puzzle Idea But with switches instead. Now, I have the...
  6. gothicvoid

    In need of a Armored Personnel Vehicle-Solved outside of forums-

    Resource Type: Tile sprite (No moving parts needed) Maker Format: MV Art Style: RTP Matching a must Description: I am in need of a Armored Personnel Transport vehicle with NO gun Turret. The size needs to be at 150% or 200% of normal sprite sizes. Camo markings in tan is great. Reference...
  7. greensdream

    How can I Show a Picture after all enemies are defeated?

    I would like to Show a Picture after all the enemies in a battle have been defeated. I don't see this option in the Troops tab. The closest to what I need might be accomplished by using the Switch option, but I'd need some way to have the Switch turn on once all the enemies are defeated. Maybe...
  8. TheeWARIO

    Anyone know where this part came from??

    I use to have one of these crow mask in the generator parts and I was using it on a saved character file but now it's not there (was cleaning up the game, I guess it got deleted) and I can't remember where it came from. Does anyone know where it came from?? I attached a example photo of what...
  9. Skunk

    RMMV Can I show mp on an item in the menu?

    I am using mp as battery life in my game, I am wondering if I make a battery pack item that I can have it reflect the amount of mp the player currently has. And as I charge the pack, the mp goes up. Ive tried a few methods with no luck.
  10. ferallag

    short Hair style required MV

    Resource Type: Hair , character gen parts Maker Format: MV Art Style:MV RTP Description: Very very short hair .... think army people , when they gut their hair , or people that go to prison. Reference Images: like the Ryo from captain tsubasa
  11. hoboayoyo

    Enemy gain resistance to status effect.

    Looking into making enemies resistant/immune to a status effect after it's applied. Haven't found any plugin's of the sort so I imagine it's able to be done in engine. Kind of like Etrian Odyssey. Any help in the right direction is appreciated.
  12. RMMV How can I use the character that player choose?

    Excuse me. When I show text, how can I show the character that the player choose? Now It's just a text box not have character's picture. P.S. I made 2 choices of character that is boy and girl.
  13. Vis_Mage

    RMMV MP Bar Layers

    Hey there! I was wondering if someone could help me with a plugin request. What I'm hoping to do is to create a layered MP bar for both in battle and in menus. By layered, I mean that for example, I have an actor with 200 max MP. The first 100 MP would fill the bar fully up with the normal blue...
  14. Snarkyfork

    How can I calculate average party level for events?

    How would it be possible to calculate or create a variable that records the average level of all party members? Basically adding up the levels of party members 1-4 (their current class levels) then dividing it by 4.
  15. Snarkyfork

    How do update RPG Maker MV to the latest version?

    I assumed I could just re-download it but I can't seem to find the download links for content that I have purchased. I bought RPG Maker MV in 2018 I think on the old version of the shop site. Where can I access purchased content? Or is there another place to download the update?
  16. Snarkyfork

    Sharp drop in FPS on all projects, please advise

    For the last week I have been trouble shooting my main project, thinking I had an event error or plugin conflict, because of a sharp drop in FPS (down to below 30 FPS) about every 15-20 seconds while play testing. I just realized that the drop isn't isolated to just my game but it seems to be in...
  17. gothicvoid

    Birds Nests

    Resource Type: small tiles/icons Maker Format: any Art Style: RTP Description: any woodland style of nests. I know panda has some on her sheets and i know there is a chicken nest, but i am looking for nest made of twigs and such. (see images) various views and shapes to fit corners and such...
  18. I need that when event A passes close to event B, event B behaves differently

    Greetings I need that when event A passes close to event B, event B behaves differently. Specifically, event B is fixed, and A is an event that only travels one route. When the distance between A and B (the hypotenuse of the triangle formed by this distance and the coordinate axis) is less...
  19. Maowcraft

    Maow - Voice Detection v1.0.0

    Maow_Voice by Maow/MaowImpl About Microphone detection plugin, allows game developers to check for silence or easily grab the input volume. This plugin was created for use in experimental horror games, but may be used for any purpose. Tested on: Desktop [Windows 10] Installation & Usage ...
  20. finkployd

    Linux resolution hidpi in editor

    Running RPG Maker MV (either from command line or from Steam) in Linux results in a window with unreadable tiny menu items, text, and icons. I'm running on a hidpi screen in Gnome 3.38.1 (X11) and I've tried a couple of command line options to try and make the screen scale properly...

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