1. allergyy

    Movie ends up pausing

    When I inserted my movie, it doesnt end. It is a WebM file and it fits the screen, but it plays and then just keeps the ending of the last frame of the movie on screen or keeps it for an extended period of time. The last frame is only about 1-2 seconds long and it keeps it on for about 5-10 seconds.
  2. Is this a good idea, or not?

    Hi! I've been planning my game for some months and the only thing im not totally happy with is one specific idea that Im scared about. I love it but I think it will make people avoid my game. The thing is, my game is a medieval classic rpg, and I know it's very common that's why my game won't...
  3. valerieplanets

    RMMV yanfly gamepag config?

    just not really sure if this plugin exists anymore, but if anyone has it would you mind sharing it? im using a plugin that makes this project local co-op and i want to make all the controller inputs make sense since the ones im using have some unconventional default mapping. if that plugin...
  4. RavenBlueIndigo

    An issue with getting my game to run in browsers

    Hello! I am having trouble getting one of my projects to upload onto itch.io as a browser title. I have gotten numerous put/context canceled errors in regards to several files, including some that I do not have in the project. I did manually remove numerous RTP files in the project as opposed...
  5. TheRealFame

    RMMV SRD Dudes Hud Maker (MV) Not loading on Browser/Mobile

    This is the exact same issue the person in this forum thread is having https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/sumrndmdde-hud-maker-browser-problem.92752/ Are there any new updates on the fix for this?
  6. valerieplanets

    automatically add a state when actor has 20% hp or less?

    hey all, this might be simple but im not too sure how to do it ... is it possible to have a state automatically apply to an actor when they are in critical condition? i basically just need that to happen since i was planning on it being a core mechanic. thank you in advance !!!
  7. kyonides

    Problems with Arrays in JS

    I was trying to let the plugin read a predefined array by looking for any of its elements like this array[position]. I kept getting an UNDEFINED object instead. Curiously, whenever I left something like array[2] with no index variable involved, it was able to log the result in the console or...
  8. Seal Equipment Type instead of Equipment Slot

    I'm trying to make it so a character can choose between certain equipment items but don't want him to be able to use both. For example: Duel-Wielding but only for weapons of a different type. It would be easy enough to do if I could just make Equipment TypeA seal Equipment TypeB but the core...
  9. Mordayn

    Event Drag and Drop Code without plugin

    Hey guys, I was looking everywhere for some simple code to make drag and drop events without requiring a plugin and was able to come up with a pretty easy solution so I thought I'd Post it. Currently the code allows for stacking of events and allows you to pull the lowest value Event ID from...
  10. Help finding Office battlebacks MV/MZ

    I have searched for a while now and come up short. If anyone has resources or links for inside a work office (battlebacks) with desks, monitors or anything resembling inside an office. Its for a fight that takes place inside a police station, which is basically an office. Thanks. Also on a side...
  11. valerieplanets

    RMMV srdude hud maker plugin, script for which actor's turn it is

    hi all. i'm making a custom battle hud and i wanted some kind of indicator as to which actor's turn it is, so i settled on an arrow above each of their heads, and when it's actor 1's turn for example, their arrow would become visible, while everyone else's is transparent. hud maker already has...
  12. Ron_Dozy

    RMMV My Monster, My Disease - A story about a mental health patient

    My Monster, My Disease My Monster, My Disease tells the tale of a guy living with the struggles of mental health, taking place in our current, modern world. It's a story that's inspired by my own personal life and experiences (though highly embellished), presented through an RPG game. I'd say...
  13. valerieplanets

    mp drain on death?

    basically im just looking to make your MP go to 0 on death, but there doesn't seem to be an option for that on the state traits menu. is there a way to go about doing this? thanks in advance
  14. RMMV Auto Passive State

    I need help for something I used http://www.yanfly.moe/wiki/Combo_Attack_(MV_Plugin_Tips_%26_Tricks) to create a Combo State. But the goal is not to use a skill who give the state My goal is to give to my character this Combo stat each turn and the combo state must reset to 0 each end turn...
  15. RMMV SRD Dynamic Actors issue

    When creating a note-tag for an accessory, the piece will not appear on the custom character (All other pieces work). I changed file names for [ACCESORY A] to remove spaces, but even after that, those specific pieces still are not called into game. Example: <Force AccessoryA Piece: AccessoryA...
  16. wbthehero

    Help with an error

    So Idk why but with only one Enemy it will say (Error can't read 'height' of undefined), I cant find a fix and I tried everything i can think of, from resizing the sprite too looking in code (Did not change anything) But idk what the game is trying to find as Undefined so I don't know what to...
  17. TheMeowingFox

    Best screen resolution?

    The default of 816 x 624 feels too small, and kinda dull. But I wonder if the current screensize that is 1008 x 768 is too big? I have the means of changing the res, and I'm about to go through testing making it fullscreen; but how did you guys decide the optimal resolution for your games? I...
  18. Froggychair

    RMMV Player/Event animated trail effect Plugin

    Howdy dowdy! I am making a side scroller and I am looking for a visual plugin, one that would create a visual trail behind the player and events. When the player or an event moves left or right (for an NPC/player) or in all directions (for something like a flying butterfly or a bird), it...
  19. Phantasmagoric

    [MV] Request for a Tarrasque Battler

    Such a powerful D&D creature and it has no version of in RPG Maker, it would be really interesting for a big Tarrasque battler, not only for me! What I'm thinking to use it on is RPG Maker MV. If anyone is willing to do it, thanks!
  20. contentdeleted

    RMMV End the users current turn with a script call

    For some context I have a mechanic which applies a "doom" state to an actor which ticks down in real time and kills the actor when it hits zero. I want to be able to end the actors turn if this happens while a player is selecting an action. Its important to note that this code is not being...

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