1. Why are MV games running at only 20 FPS on Windows but 60 on Linux?

    My main PC I'm trying to use MV on: Windows 11, Ryzen 5 3600, GTX 1650 Super, 16 GB RAM Can run ARK at 75-80 FPS on Medium-Epic. RPG Maker MV games capped at 20 FPS. *RPG Maker XP games run at 40 FPS, and RPG Maker 2003 games run at 60 FPS on my PC. My old laptop that I installed MV on just to...
  2. kkangto0

    [MV]Wait parallel on common events

    hi, While writing a common event, I have a question. I have created a wait event with "parallel processing" in common events. After a certain waiting period is over, a specific switch is turned on. This will work normally when the character stays on one map. However, I found that the idle frame...
  3. Mjolk

    RMMV Free Turn Battle System

    Hello. Is there a free (character select) turn system for MV like this?
  4. AlphaOmega

    Arrow Rain

    Resource Type: Premade Animation Maker Format: MV Art Style: Using default Animation sheet "ArrowSpecial" that comes with the program, side view battles Description: So i suck at making my own animations, and am wanting a little help please! if someone could make a little one skill...
  5. Vis_Mage

    RMMV Custom MP System using Yanfly's Skill Core and Yanfly's Buff and State Core

    Hello! Would someone be able to help me with creating a custom MP system, using a combination of Yanfly's Skill Core, and Yanfly's Buffs and States Core? What I'm trying to do is create a system where a party member can spend their turn calling upon an elemental spirit (one per turn, up to 3...
  6. isaias20

    RMMV Visual Inventory Script issue - MV

    Hi. I'm using visual inventory script by Pheonix KageDesu on RPG Maker MV. the following happens: -> I start the game, then open the inventory with I key and I close it and this error appears. can anybody help me? I already contacted the creator by private message but he doesn't respond.
  7. Vis_Mage

    RMMV Converting a 30+ Digit Number into a Short Alphanumerical Passcode

    Hello! I've got a bit of a tricky problem I'm trying to solve. In one of my projects, I'm implementing a system to allow players to generate and share codes that will let the creatures they raise inhabit the other player's game. To do this though, I need to pack a lot of info regarding the...
  8. Tall Sprite characters

    Hi everyone and welcome to my post. Before talking about what I came to look for, I come first of all to seek help (because I have been starting for a while), maybe for some, simple things (in my opinion who are). I am French and excuse me, but I have to go through a translator. I don't know...
  9. OtherDarkZero

    RMMV Yanfly Battle Core pauses when attacking

    Recently I was working with the YEP_BattleEngineCore, and noticed that whenever the option "Show Action text" is set to true, there's a small pause between the execution of the command and when the animation plays. This has never happened before and it just started doing it since yesterday.
  10. Wrathspawn

    RMMV Aeterna's Journey Part 1 (RPG)

    Aeterna's Journey has evolved past the demo version from some time back and I'm finally finished with part 1 of Aeterna's Journey and much have been upgraded including the world map I made my own version of, custom hud in battles, running animations( you can dash almost everywhere now) moving...
  11. NortonsDonuts

    Software Crashes Constantly [RPG Maker MV]

    Whenever I try to open a project, it crashes. When i try to export a sprite from the sprite maker, it crashes. I try to create a new game, it crashes. I tried uninstalling and re-installing, I deleted all files on pc and reinstalled, I told my Antivirus to not bother the app when its running...
  12. TheFlerffyBurr

    RMMV Rune Sea

    Rune Sea SYNOPSIS IMAGES/SCREENSHOTS STORYLINE/PLOT SETTING AND/OR WORLD DEVELOPMENT Team: (Looking for more of course) Author: The Flerffy Burr Designer: TheFlerffyBurr Artist: TheFlerffyBurr Additional Information: Engine: RPG Maker MV Progress: 05.0% (Work on Chapter 1 has...
  13. gambitben

    RMMV Help with making Buffs trigger effects

    Hey, so I've been searching how to do this and all I could find is how to check if an actor has a buff or how to apply them through javascript, and that's dandy and all but what I'm looking for is a bit more specific. Before any other explanation, I'm using many yanfly plugins and I'd be open to...
  14. TsukiTheLunatic

    Character Genarator backup

    can someone give me the mv character generator file i was playing with edits and i realized i had forgotten to make the backup, it would be very appreciated.
  15. ts50

    RMMV Add to Options Menu?

    Hi, my options menu has the default options plus Animated Tiles and Keyboard Config from a couple of Yanfly's scripts. I'm wanting to add another setting, which simply turns a switch on and off (this switch will disable a game feature). How can I add things to the options menu? I put this in...
  16. Vis_Mage

    RMMV Yanfly Class Change Core Add-On

    Hello! Would someone be able to help me out with creating a small add-on to Yanfly's Class Change Core? In particular, I'm looking to add an optional extra parameter to the actor notetags: <Class x Face: filename y> <Class x Character: filename y> <Class x Battler: filename> These are...
  17. Parallax Panda

    RMMV Small adjustment to [YEP_StatusMenuCore.js]

    I am using Yanfly's "Status Menu Core" plugin but since I don't like exactly how everything's set up by default, so I'd like some help to make some adjustments. First thing I've been trying is to have the "base parameters" (atk, def, mat, mdf, agi, luc) appear among the other Ex-Parameters and...
  18. Vis_Mage

    RMMV Android Change Save Location

    Hello! I've got a bit of a technical request here. For quite a while on and off here, I've been trying to figure out how to allow access to save files for backing up on an Android deployed project. By default, MV saves in an inaccessible location. I'm hoping that it's possible to create a...
  19. recoculous

    RMMV [SOLVED] Problem with (YEP) Weapon Unleashed Using Passive State (MV)

    I have used Yanfly's Weapon Unleashed plugin with no problem for over a month, but I am having a problem using it to replace Guard when using a passive state. I tried turning off all plugins that might not be necessary and the problem persists. Replacing guard still works when I attach it to a...
  20. Parallax Panda

    RMMV Requesting changes to Galv's "Magic Shards" plugin

    I am using Galv's "Magic Shards" Plugin for RPG maker MV, and I'd like to request some help in changing it since I'm more or less incompetent with JavaScript myself. To anyone who'd be willing to help me, I'd be very thankful and if there is anything I'm capable of doing for you (in regards to...

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