1. Vis_Mage

    Icon Hue

    Hello, I was wondering if it would be possible to, through the use of notetags, be able to adjust the hue of an icon? The idea being that instead of needing a dozen different recolored potion icons, that you could have one or two, and use a notetag to set the hue of the others. I'm mostly...
  2. ScorchedGround

    [Guide] Simple Mana Leveling System (Custom Currencies)

    Hello everyone. Some of you may have noticed that I have been helping @Elliott404 with her leveling system during the past week. This is the Thread Unfortunately, we could not get it to work on her end and was thus abandoned. I did put considerable work and time into getting it to work...
  3. Battle text box Popup?

    Hi there, does anyone know a plugin that allow you to display a popup text box above battler(s) head during Battle Scene?
  4. Handle keyboard events on specific scene

    Hello all, New to RPGMMV and to plugin development, however have some basic experience with JS. Is there a way of implementing keyboard events on specific scene (e.g. one that I will create in plugin). I found SceneBase.addListener in the API but it seems that it only allows to add...
  5. Vis_Mage

    DrDhoom's Weapon Upgrade - Fix LUK Stat

    Hello, Would someone be able to take a look at, and hopefully help me resolve a (presumably simple) fix to DrDhoom's Weapon Upgrade plugin? The error is pretty simple, specifically the LUK star...
  6. Vis_Mage

    Triacontane - Submenu Commands Setup

    Hey, Would someone be able to help me with setting up Triacontane's Submenu Commands plugin? Even with google translate, I can't for the life of me figure out how I'm supposed to set this up, and can't get anything to show up at all.
  7. OldManHan

    More Battle Options Plugin?

    I've read plenty of threads concerning this, and none of the linked plugins seem to help. I'm looking for a plugin/option that allows customization of the battle menu per-fighter. For example: Instead of performing a simple attack, could "Attack" open a menu of various specific moves? Could...
  8. jmonkey106

    Schoolgirl Outfit Face generator part for MV

    Hi, I'm looking to see if there is a School Girl Outfit generator part for MV. I am specifically talking about the stereotypical Japanese school girl outfit, the one that's white and blue. If you need me to elaborate more I can provide an image. I specifically only need a face generator part...
  9. Rugman

    MV Battle Party Limit

    Hi, I’m a new to RMMV and working on my first game. I’m trying to create a pokemon like party system where I have around eight active party members and fifty total actors available in the game while only being able to battle with two at a time and be able to switch the other six into battle...
  10. GreyWolfVino

    Region Map Names

    Hey fellow game makers, so I come across this issue. I recently expanded all my small maps into a bigger more detailed map but I still want every individual map/region to have a map name when the player enters that region/area. How would I go about doing so? Thank you so much in advance.
  11. Vis_Mage

    SRD Summon Core - Compatibility with Yanfly and SRD Plugins

    Hey there! :kaohi: Would someone be willing to take a look at, and possibly help me out with a compatibility patch between a few of SRD's plugins? The plugins in question are SRD's Summon Core, Battle Status Customizer, and Battle Popup Customizer, and Yanfly's Core Engine. 1: For the Battle...
  12. Vis_Mage

    Yanfly Auto Passive State - Several States Help

    Hello! Would anyone be able to help me out with creating a handful of passive state tags (using Yanflys Auto Passive States plugin). I'm hoping to create passive states that can do the following: 1. Recovers the owner's HP by 5% each time...
  13. Finnuval

    High Tea Set

    Hi All, Once again it's me :) (MV, RTP matching preferably) This time I am looking for a High Tea cake display thingy like this : for my Victorian Tea Parlor. It would be a great help xD Anyway as always thanks for looking and hopefully someone makes me real happy :D
  14. SuperSuck64

    Disable leaving vehicle

    How do I disable the ability to leave a vehicle by pressing a key/clicking? I want to make it so the player can only get on and off vehicles when transitioning from map to map.
  15. Finnuval

    Butcher Sign/Banner

    Hey folk, Could anyone make me a butcher sign/banner to go with my butcher's exterior in terms of style, etc. it would go either above the door or above the awning depending on size. It's for MV It would be greatly appreciated :) Thanks for looking anyway.
  16. Vis_Mage

    MV Retro Battlebacks

    Hello, Does anyone know of any retro 8 or 16 bit-styled battlebacks? I'm looking to use it in MV, but any size is appreciated.
  17. Finnuval

    Newspaper stand

    And it's me again. Sorry guys, just can't pixel a cube myself so I gotta relay on you all :) Again for MV Matching RTP preferably This time I am looking for an old wooden & brass newspaper stand like this : Now if I get a choice I would like two versions : one with newspapers in it and one...
  18. Finnuval

    Old Printing Press

    For MV Preferably matching RTP So it's me again this time looking for an old style printing press preferably something like this : Anyone up for the challenge or know of it already existing and pointing me in the right direction would be highly appreciated :) Also anything else that would...
  19. Hyouryuu-Na

    RMMV To see Tomorrow (No Travel Game Jam Entry)- Updated

    Synopsis: You play as a woman named Sayuri living in a small, simple town. Recently a laboratory made a mistake in the waste disposal causing a virus bearing the genetic properties of a spider to spread around the town. The town is now empty- most people either dead or have become spider-human...
  20. Vis_Mage

    Map Tilesets Dev Tool

    Hello, I was wondering if someone would be willing to help me out with creating a small dev tool plugin. I'm looking to, upon starting up a project, create a tilesets.txt file that lists all the maps that use each tileset (the full A-E set up in the database, not individual tile images)...

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