1. Failivrin

    Send in the Clowns!

    Hello community! I am hoping to include a clown/jester character in my upcoming game.  This would be a playable character, which presents a problem!  I've dug up several TV walking sprites, but I can't find any SV battle sprites or character generator parts.  Maybe I'm looking in the wrong...
  2. yunary

    Yunary resources{for RPG Maker MV Extended Generator now available on downloads}

    Previous Page Next Page ~Welcome to Yunary resources~ Terms of use ~Free to use for both commercial and non-commercial~ *Credits required*...
  3. GrandmaDeb

    MV sprite/face/side view battler generator parts and edits

    NinjaConnor's SV Dog Battler with Haydeos' matching MV RTP face and sprite edits darkmint's sideview battler Generator Wings Esziapres' sprite Generator helmet edward. T's Ancient Chinese sprite generator parts Raedwulfo's beard stubble and eyebrows for Face generator SilverStarNeko's...
  4. Raedwulfo

    [UPDATE [FEBRUARY 26]] Face Gen Beard Stubble and Thick Eyebrows also added new beards and eyebrows

    This is my first Contribuition for rpg maker mv character generator i hope you like it :D well i use to draw my male characters with thicker eyebrows than the character generator so i made a new thick pair of eyebrows i hope you like it also i made a beard style :P [UPDATE]...
  5. Sythian Bard

    A More "Complete" Beard's Trim

    :beard: A More "Complete" Beard's Trim :beard: (an RTP edit of the "one" beard) This is ABSOLUTELY FREE as it is just an edit. Please, Enjoy! Updated (3/12/16): All of these collections are now numbered p_12 - p_43 to fit nicely into the RTP Generator! On to the Beards... Is it just...
  6. hiddenone

    hiddenone's MV Resource Warehouse

    hiddenone's MV Resource Warehouse Newest Resources: Hine Donkeys Hey folks, I love the look of the MV sprites, but it seems that things are a bit lacking. I'm hoping to help fix that. :) TOS: Credit: hiddenone, Kadokawa, & Avery if you use the beastmen or accessory generator portrait...
  7. Sereth

    Wink Generator Parts

    EDIT: Male eyes and female narrow wink added! I needed a winking emotion for one of my characters, so I whipped these up for the female side of the generator. I hope someone else can get a use out of these as well! (Male included now) Examples: Credit: Kadokawa Commercial and...
  8. Jtanooki

    Jtanooki's MV Generator Parts - Updated

    Hey guys! We all know that RMMV's generator is a huge step up from Ace's Generator, but it could still use new parts. Here are some generator parts that I managed to take from the RTP's facesets. I'll try to put more parts here whenever I can. Update: Added female mouth. Parts Available 3...

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