1. MobileSuitSonic

    MVFU problems

    Last night it was barely working and I could only get a few character sheets and faces converted. This morning, when I tried to resume, processing errors! All claiming unsupported size in spite of nothing being done to the files.
  2. Quite.Toxick

    Resizing Ace NPC sprites for MV

    So the MVFU works wonders when it comes to converting tiles from Ace to MV, much better than any attempt I made in Photoshop. Converted Ace character sprites, however, retain a rather thick outline, often two or three pixels wide, which of course is due to the original sprite, and have...

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SF_Vehicle2 and SF_People2_8 added!

If I made an 8-bit-esque, dark fantasy tileset/graphics pack, would y'all be into that? Like, for Dark Souls demakes, Nintendo vampire wannabes, Castlevania ripoffs and such?

Working title: Alice's 8-bit Gothic. Do or not do? (Like do y'all even use 8-bit style graphics?)
I love editing things .

* Wall frames made with pencil photo and program photos, * Leaf and Pot, with cliché ideas of flowers
*bear on top of the closet belonging to the art of whtdragon lol.
No better feeling than part of a project just clicking into place without a single issue.

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