1. EmmaB

    RMMV Mystery in Snowbound Riverdale (No Travel Game Jam Entry)

    Synopsis: During one of the harshest winters Riverdale had ever seen, all travel and communication with other towns and cities was cut off. As food became more scarce, crime rates rose dramatically. The Knights worked day and night to keep the citizens safe from the criminals. But, late one...
  2. SebGrinke

    RMVXA Cult Detectives

    Experience a unique creative vision inspired by True Detective, Forbrydelsen (The Killing), Mindhunter and Dragon Quest, and six years in the making: CULT DETECTIVES The year is 1996. Someone, or something, is killing women and animals and hanging them from ancient trees deep in the black...
  3. remainderstudios

    RMVXA Before I Leave - Scifi and Mystery Game - Download now!

    Link: TRAMA CONTACT US: Official email: Dudas, preguntas, enviar videos y juegos, informar errores y más.[/spoiler][/spoiler]
  4. Whiteemerald

    FREE Recruiting Team for Horror Mystery Project

    Engine: RPG Maker MV Synopsis: The game is a horror mystery, so it doesn't have any fighting system. There are puzzles and different strategies for trying to survive different situations. The game also has a time system where different things will happen at different times of the night and...
  5. RMVX Setting-School

    Hey, I am new to RPG Maker and still learning how to use the program, I will most likely be using vx. Anyway Im trying to come up with an interesting story and was thinking of a unique RPG setting, that would be interesting, and was hoping to get some feedback to see what you all think of the...
  6. Angel.K1tty

    TRADE Shards of Chrysalism - Temporary Hiatus

    *Warning: may contain mentions of politics, but only in a general manner* *Warning: Partial nudity (male chests.)* Notes: This is not my first game, however this will be my first large scale project. I am mainly an artist and so far I have only worked on this by myself, so I have very little...
  7. Icelord888

    RMMV Soulflowers

  8. RMVXA STEEL VENOM (RPG/Adventure Sci-Fi Mystery)

    Updated 9/19/19: Replaced the pictures, edited some of the post. No demo available yet, hopefully I can build it up to a version 1.0 before anything else. ===================================================================== Okay, synopsis...
  9. OldPat

    RMMV AIKA - The Fragile Dance of the Broken Soul

    - Introduction - It has been exactly one year since PSYCHE Locke. Time really flies. Let's celebrate PSYCHE Locke's one year anniversary by talking a bit about the game I'm currently developing, AIKA - The Fragile Dance of the Broken Soul. AIKA is a short 2D Rhythm Game with Visual Novel...
  10. frostnoble

    RMMV Blade of Acrimony: Wish of the West

    WHAT'S THIS GAME ANYWAY? “Blade of Acrimony: Wish of the West” is a prequel to Blade of Acrimony, that takes place in the old wild west. Follow Anaya and Leonard as they try to seal away the Wishing Sword once and for all! As of now, there is only a demo, that is the entirety of Act 1. Blade...
  11. GalacticGod

    RMMV Super Mystery Magazine - Character Sprite Question

    Example: I was going through some of my older RPG Maker MV Resources, trying to sort them out and whatnot and came across the Super Mystery Magazine Character Set. (It comes with sprites for Chupacabra, Mothman, Bigfoot, Ningen, Kappa, Moai, Pyramid Eye, and Flatwoods Monster). I believe this...
  12. Macbeth

    RMMV Blood Opera Crescendo

    A terrifying investigative adventure game set in the 18th century: classical music, baroque style, horrible murders. ~~ THE STORY ~~ Year 17XX - Austria: former orchestra conductor Heinrich Steiner accidentally discovers the horribly mutilated corpse of an unknown person into the local...
  13. Darkwisp

    RMVX DREAM - Episode I

  14. Neshiro

    RMVXA Shine (Interactive Novel)

    A visual novel with bits of gameplay throughout. There are two parts. Shine Escape from Tempus University! Carter and his classmates realize that time has stopped - nobody outside is moving. Trying to figure out what happened, a man calling himself "Vox" greets them through a speaker. He...
  15. BlackRoseMii

    RMVXA [RSE] Reap what you sow (+Beta version)

    I've always been a fan of Harvest Moon-like games. I love Story of seasons and Rune Factory. But that got me thinking: We have a "normal" modern farming game and a fantasy farming game. So what about SciFi and Horror? Since SciFi isn't really my kind of genre, I wanted to try to make a "Horror...
  16. EKyonKun

    RMVXA Abigail's Mementos - A Dark Story-Driven Game

    The game starts, and you are playing a young girl named Abigail. She wakes up, dazed and confused, wondering what happened to her earlier that night. She recalls very little, and begins seeking her father in an attempt to get answers for the questions she has. However, she is unable to find him...
  17. DreadRoach

    RMMV Escape from the Vampire's Tomb

    ESCAPE FROM THE VAMPIRE'S TOMB This is a short adventure game, created for Vampire Jam in a mad rush on the last day of the jam. You play as a young man who has just woken up inside a sealed tomb, with no idea how he got there but a firm desire to escape as soon as possible. Conveniently, as...
  18. VitaliaDi

    RMXP BURDEN: an RPG Horror [RSE]

    Burden The title is also the theme and you’ll discover more about that as you play. Greg is an ordinary family man thrust into extraordinary circumstances. He has a lot of hard choices to make that he isn’t quite prepared for. Another addition to the multiple ending RPG Maker Horror genre...
  19. Cutiesbae

    RMVXA EMPTY HEAD [Psychological Horror - Mystery]

    Plot: In the small hamlet of Elkedor lives the Baker family, isolated and almost ''inexistent'' for the townsfolk. Arold, family man and lawyer with no fame, enters in a difficult time of his life between alcoholism and a falling apart marriage. His days began getting filled by drinking more...
  20. Diarist

    RMVXA Route 13 - A Unova Tale (Pokemon themed RPG)

    I'm fully expecting to get blown the F out but I suppose its time to pitch this and see how interested some folks would be. Whether its just general intrigue or wanting to help if they can. For the record no, this is not a typical Pokemon game. It takes place in the universe. That's all. Please...

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