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  1. PuffyCloude

    Move player fixed position

    So as you can see I've got a windowed UI, and I want the player and camera to be in the middle of that if that makes sense. Like the usual fixed position, but a moved a little farther up and left. Right now the player is directly in the middle of the screen which appears as the bottom right for...
  2. ScytheX

    about RPG Maker MZ sale on steam

    so MZ is on sale and i'm thinking about getting it. mainly the big bundle that is 133$, i was wondering is it worth getting now or should i wait for most stuff yes or no?
  3. ferallag

    translating the extra terms!

    I'm making a arabic game! i've been able to translate most of the stuff in it and will release a basica template so that other arabic speakers can build on it. BUT! i can't seem to translate some of the more indepth terms that are used in visumz elements status core plugin. Like hit , evasion...
  4. Omegus

    Linux Support?

    Considering how well MV runs on Linux, because the engine is built with QT5,QML and Java scripting. It should make sense to eventually build MZ for Linux. But one improvement you could do over MV is allowing the deployment for Linux to be done with Appimage. Appimage allows an application to run...
  5. Kupotepo

    What do you plan to do with RPG Maker MZ?

    I am just asking because I am curious and there is no MZ section yet. I see some members want to make the plugins. I see Moghunter and VisuStella. Thank you @DoubleX for information. How about people who plan to make games in MZ and the digital artists? People need to make the tilesets, the...

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