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  1. Singingbun

    Which RM engine is better suited for Tactical battle system rpgs?

    Hi, terribly new here. I'll go straight to the point: I wanted to know which engine is better suited for tactical battle systems like fire emblem, Xcom or advance wars-esque. I have MV and VXA, but I'm seeing MZ plugins being made for said feature. At the moment, I'm still new to game making...
  2. florodude

    RMMZ Cannot get my Window_Selectable to work

    Hey, I am trying to create a Window_Selectable on RPG Maker MZ, and cannot for the life of me get it to work. The items show up, and the first item is selected, then I can't move the keys to get them to change selection...Here's the code. This is from this "tutorial": var params =...
  3. shrinker1

    RPG MZ zooming in on skill when used

    How can i get it to zoom in on an animation when used with action sequence? or zooming in sv battle.
  4. rooge

    Rooge Cursor blinking

    Rooge Cursor blinking by Rooge Version: 1.0 L.U.: 8/21/2020 Purpose: This plugin only removes the blinking cursor on all menus. It's for those who don't like this element as much as I do. How to Use: It's only plug & play - nothing else. Place it in the plugin folder and enable it in the...
  5. Krimer

    Screen Variables

    ScreenVariables.js MV ver. 1.04 MZ ver. 1.01 by Krimer Introduction Show multiple Texts in any place you want on your game map screen. Text are permanent for all maps unless you delete\hide or change it. You can use text special characters to show values of your variables or show icons, change...

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(1 Hour Later,The Game FPS Just Got 10-20)
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