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  1. Gabrelik

    Airship and Seafaring ship [MZ] [MV]

    Hello all you happy game makers! It has been quite a while. So long in fact that I have almost forgotten how to structure things properly, so I will have to work on that. I've been dabbling in a new style that I'd love to continue getting right, and in the spirit of the Touch the Stars Game Jam...
  2. WingedHares

    RMMZ Fade In / Out Text Message for Content Warnings

    Okay, I've searched as best I could and even tried doing it on my own ( even had a helper for a hot minute before she disappeared ), but as my head hurts and my self-confidence dwindles-- I suppose it is time to strip my pride, learn to work smart, and finally ask y'all skilled scripters for...
  3. RMMV Devil's Dungeon 2: Development and Idea Threat

    Purpose of this thread: Gathering ideas, plugins and other stuff. About the game: A completely FREE Dungeon Crawler with 100 floors with Rpg Maker MV. Why free? I simply find most RPG maker games horrendous when it comes to complexity, variety as well as tactics. They are not "skill-based"...
  4. RMMZ [MZ] [Request] Auto Color and change font for text between """ in Text Box

    Hi~ so i am trying to make a RP game and i want to use descriptions of actions in the textbox but also use for dialogue Normally i do this \c[7] Geralt grab the Bottle of Apple Juice while looking at Ash \c "Hey, Ash look out!" \c[7] throwing the bottle in Ash Direction \c something else it...

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Haven't been on here actively in awhile, project is going strong my biggest issue is the STORY, i'm refining the plot and learning so much i decided to take a writers class to improve even more but the programming and functionality of the game is stepping up nicely!
Hi everyone! Here's what I'm working on today! It's one of the dorms on campus. I know I said I wouldn't use assets but I reused a few things from the cafeteria hehe.
I added a little squish effect when characters change direction to try and make things a bit more lively. Though it's a bit hard to see on the fast moving guys.
I just discovered this game exists; the premise itself is ****ing hilarious.
Can't wait for next update! :)

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