1. applepumpkins

    NPC Leaving Building/Door Support

    Hi everyone! I'm unfortunately having difficulty having an NPC "leaving" a building/going through a door during an event. During the event the Grandma's sprite flashes on the screen after the door opens for a split second. :kaoswt: I've attached two pictures below of the event itself and the...
  2. applepumpkins

    (MZ) Beginner question: Map Resizing

    Hi everyone! I had started my first fun RPG maker MZ project a little bit ago. I had a question in regards to map resizing. I was hoping to expand my map height quite a bit (around 15 tile upwards), but I noticed only the bottom portion is affected in terms of increasing size. Is it possible to...
  3. MogHunter Title Screen Plugin

    Good morning, afternoon or evening. I'm here because for a long time I had started an RPG MAKER MZ project, but unfortunately I lost everything due to a failure of my computer, and now I'm starting over and one of the essential scripts of my project was the MogHunter script which provided a wide...
  4. Mark_Lecarde

    RMMZ Gauge shape plugin compatibility issues.

    Good day! Is there anyone who tried gauge shape plugin from Salik's news? That plugin, sadly, somehow conflicts with Visustella's Skills and States Core (was deduced by disabling all plugins one by one). If they both are enabled, only TP gauge is changed. I understand that Visu's code is...
  5. MZ character generator

    Hello!, I am new to RPG MAKER MZ and I would like to know how I can add accessories and clothes or if there is a character generator that someone has already made for MZ and where I can find it. I really have a lot of faith in this show and I know I can do something great. Thanks.

    I want to make a Pokemon type game, now I'm aware that their is Pokemon Essentials for XP but it doesn't support comercail releases. But I want to make a pokemon type game where you can catch creatures, raise them, evolve them, trade them, basically like pokemon. I have other features I would...
  7. KillerPixEEL

    RMMZ Battle selection change

    Can anyone make a plugin so that instead of a character moving forward when it's their turn They flash (fade in white effect and fade out) with a icon that floats above their head. Same when selecting an enemy (with a different icon)? There should be a option to set how quickly the flash effect...

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