1. RMMZ I need help with name boxes

    Hi! I want to have name boxes over my charaters' portraits that display their names in MZ, but I can't figure out how to do it. I downloaded Visustella's Message Core plugin but I can't find instructions on how to enable the name boxes. Help?
  2. Kalombi

    RMMZ Mini-Label plugin for MZ - Does one exist?

    Hello Community! Yanfly has this cool plugin for MV that has mini-labels appear above characters and items. We can't find anything similar for MZ. Does anyone know of one such pluging that exists or that is in development? Thank you!
  3. RMMZ Yanfly Menu Plugin Playtime change

    Hi, I am using Yanfly's MainMenu Plugin for MZ. The playtime in this menu is based on real-time I want to speed it up like 1s => 1m / 1m => 1h. How do I change it? Thank you!

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