1. KevinFrost

    RMMV Append Letter to Hero Name

    Hey everyone! I've been searching all over and can't seem to find any post or plugin that has anything to do with this. It might sound like a weird question, but it has a purpose: In a game I'm making there's a hero that has no name when he joins your party. As you play through his storyline...
  2. Skwis

    RMMZ Change map display name mid-game

    Looking for a way to show the map display name when needed but have it say something other than what the map is called. E.g. you have one very large map with different areas, so walking into a new area will show the map display name with the name of that area, instead of what you typed in the...
  3. Nightblade50

    Your forum name?

    I'm curious: why did you choose your forum name? As for me, I played Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion a while ago, and I chose the "Nightblade" class, a cross between a rogue and a mage. It was my favorite class to play, so it's now my online handle. The 50 is arbitrary.
  4. ReverseHeart

    How to change a player's input text

    Hi everyone! I created an account just to ask this, cus i can't figure it out. Im making a visual novel using VN maker i want to have the player input his name (which i already did using Input_Text) then have the game ask if that name is ok with a "Yes or No" (also done! with add choice) but...
  5. GreyWolfVino

    Region Map Names

    Hey fellow game makers, so I come across this issue. I recently expanded all my small maps into a bigger more detailed map but I still want every individual map/region to have a map name when the player enters that region/area. How would I go about doing so? Thank you so much in advance.
  6. tale

    Enemy Icon

    MNKR_EnemyIcon - 2020/03/25 Creator name: munokura (edited by: Triacontane) Introduction Icon is shown in front of the enemy's name in battle. Features - Icon is shown in front of the enemy's name on the battle screen. Parameter, Default 16 If 0, icon is hidden in the left. Use the tag...
  7. GreyWolfVino

    Character/Actor Name Change

    Hey fellow game makers, so I decided to have the player decide the name of the main character of my game but the character does have a default name in “Ace”. I want to do a Final Fantasy VII type of name change. In the beginning of the game, Cloud’s name is known as “Ex-Soldier” but immediately...
  8. Kirri

    Player naming the protagonist.

    Hello smhaaokir here! :kaohi: I'm currently working on a game called 'IMAGINE'. So, I'm curious if people would prefer to be able to name the main protagonist for individuality or not and make the main protagonist to have his own personality? :kaoslp: Thank you - smhaaokir
  9. Actor same name as other actor

    Based on Shaz's script call, but I didn't want to use variables so I came up with this: I want actor 3 to have the same name as actor 1, but actor 3 gets named "Object object" when I use the script call. I don't want to use variables because the player will input the actor's name, which I...
  10. tale

    Sabakan - Remove Name Comment

    Saba_RemoveNameComment - 2016-04-07 Creator name: Sabakan Overview Removes the character string for skill name or state name For example, skill name- Heal (for enemy) If added, during the game- Heal Parentheses within skill name or state name are removed. Could be useful for projects that...
  11. Lord Vectra

    State Name Cycling

    So do you know how XP shows only one state on enemies and actors alike? I know the state icons script exist, but I want to keep the [State Name] but have it cycle through all of them. There is this script by Atoa that does something similar but does it for the state animations instead. I would...
  12. Mr-Toyblock

    Changing enemy/actor name based on their level?

    Alright, so I know enemy levels aren't a thing by default, I'm using Yanflye's enemy levels for that. So here is what I want to do: I want to change an enemy/actor's name every time they go up by 10 levels. Specifically, add a different icon to the name every 10 levels. I already know how to...
  13. Events based on the player's name

    So I understand how to have the player name their character using the name input processing command. But what I want to do after that is then be able to have certain events/lines of code that only activate if the player's name is a specific string. So say the player named their character...
  14. tale

    Random Rename for Actor

    Random Rename - 2014.04.29 (Ver1.01) Creator name: prico Overview It's possible to randomly change the name of the actor through event command > script Features - Name list is based on male or female - You're free to add on/ modify name list Notes for Script: ChangeNameMale(X) Will randomly...
  15. FoxySeta

    【Foxy's】Character Customization

    Tutorial topic: how to let the player customize their character (hence the title) Brief description Even if I'm not into tutorials about something an extension/studying documentation could do just fine, I've recieved an offer for doing this, so… here comes nothing. Check this tutorial if you'd...
  16. Victor Animated Battle Error

    Hey I'm having a bit of trouble getting Victors animated battle script to work with my project. I followed a basic tutorial but then realized i have to change some things to get it to work with kaduki sprite sheets. TL;DR: I'm getting an error code: Script 'Victor Animated Battle' line 6332...
  17. mylafter

    Name box connected to Faceset

    So I'm currently using Yanfly's, Ace message system for displaying Name boxes. https://yanflychannel.wordpress.com/rmvxa/core-scripts/ace-message-system/ I find it very tedious having to write '\n<name>' in every text to display the characters' name box(especially in a conversation between more...
  18. JustinK

    Using \N[001] in enemy name

    Hey there community, I came up with the idea to battle against the player's shadow, therefore, when the battle begins it should say '[Player]'s Shadow emerged!'. I was already surprised that this worked out, but apparently this does not work when choosing who to attack. Also, I do not know if...
  19. mattduleheart

    Changing "Players" Name in NameTag

    Hello everyone, This might be an easy thing to answer and I know I might sound like a noob when I ask this. Is there a way to change the characters name in the Name tag? To add a little context to this, I added the choice to change the main characters name in the game, I have found a way to...
  20. Nightblade50

    Adding Actor Name to Ex. HUD

    Hi. I am using Galv's Explorer HUD here. https://galvs-scripts.com/2012/11/05/explorers-hud/ So it shows the current states of the actor right above the weapon equipped. But I want it to show the actor name instead of the states, but in the same place. Galv has a screenshot of the HUD on the...

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