1. GreyWolfVino

    Region Map Names

    Hey fellow game makers, so I come across this issue. I recently expanded all my small maps into a bigger more detailed map but I still want every individual map/region to have a map name when the player enters that region/area. How would I go about doing so? Thank you so much in advance.
  2. Vis_Mage

    RMVXA Help Coming up with Tiered Skill Names

    Call me old fashioned, but I love the old school RPG styled tired spells. Stuff like Final Fantasy's Thunder-Thundra-Thundaga, or Dragon Quests Woosh-Wooshle-KaWoosh-Kawooshle. It has a certain charm to it, and makes it easy to tell how powerful a spell is at a glance. I know it's kind of a...
  3. The007who

    How do you come up with character names?

    The title explains itself. What's your method to create names for your characters? Do you first create your character's bio first, and then come up with a name that fits the character? Or, you use random name generator programs?
  4. pickledylans

    Portraitless Name Input

    Hey y'all I wanna make the player able to pick their name at the beginning of a game but I don't want a portrait to show up. How would I do that
  5. Finnuval

    Funny names?

    Hi there, I'm having trouble coming up with funny names for enemies Dragon Quest style and could use some help with it :D (it would appear being funny in a language not your own is more difficult then one might think haha) So anything you guys can throw at me would be appreciated :D (Not sure...
  6. Lacanne

    Spell name not shown

    Hello guys. I made an invisible spell for one of my character. I recently started to learn action sequences (i still suck at it) I decided to add a zoom on the character when he use the spell. But the spell name is not showing : Here's the notebox (put in the spell notes) : <setup action>...
  7. Gravemaster

    Katsuke's Name+ Fadeouts

    Hey, I've been using Katsuke's Name+ script for a while now and I've been wondering, is it possible to make the letters be hidden by fadeout even commands? When I'm programming an event and I want to show that time has passed the letters persist through the fadeout and it's very distracting...
  8. yuyu!

    [Yuyu] Randomized Names

    Yuyu Randomized Names (Ver. 1.1) ---------------------------------------------------- -Author: yuyu!- Introduction This plugin will generate random names for characters in your game - which could include NPCs and Actors. It's pretty cool if you want your villagers to have unique names but don't...
  9. Cejmr5_AJ :D

    Help with Naming Characters

    So, I'm not quite sure how to do this, and I need help. When my game starts, I want the player to be able to type in their name, and I know how to do this. But, I want to add something to the end of the inputted name. For example, say the player wanted their character to be named "Sarah". But...
  10. Potato Coach

    RTP Character names

    Well.... as it says in the title pls tell me the names.
  11. Mr. Trivel

    Event Names

    Name: Event Names Version: 1.6 Author: Mr. Trivel Created: 2015-11-26   What does it do? Allows events to show their names, pictures or icons above their heads. Can also specify distance. so names further away won't be shown.   Video: Screenshots...
  12. Battles don't work!

    Hi everyone! Could you please help me? I have a problem! I am new here and I hope I am on the right place to ask and I am deeply sorry if I am not. So, my problem is with battles. I have changed some names and other stuff on my skills and on my classes. But when I set a battle test everything...
  13. [ACE] Fixing the enemy letters for hidden/transformed enemies?

    Say you were creating instances where enemies became conditionally hidden or transformed into other enemies at the start of battle. The letters of all other enemies would remain the same. So if you had Skeletons A-E and Skeleton A became hidden and Skeleton C turned into a Ghost, Skeletons B...
  14. kaleemmcintyre

    NPC/Character Names

    Hello, Not sure if this topic should go here or someplace else, but I wanted to ask. What is the best way to go about picking names for characters and places? In certain popular video games I found out that the staff picked names at random sometimes, and sometimes they go through extensive...
  15. FuryDr00d

    Am I lacking imagination?

    For the life of me, I can't think of names for towns! Or anything,as a matter of fact. Monsters, People, Castles, Worlds, Spells. Nada. I don't know how to have a "system" for naming things. Is anything else having this trouble? Does anyone mind sharing their "system"? I'd greatly appreciate it.
  16. EternalShadow

    'American' or 'Fantasy' names?

    I figure the topic is self-explanatory, but here is an elaboration: Assuming the game is set in a fantasy world with little relation to ours (different government, culture, etc) but for the purposes of this argument, has some similar aesthetic and mechanical material to ours (such as TVs...
  17. Sami-Fire64

    How to give a character multiple names?

    In my game, your character gets two names: a civilian name and a powered name. I can't figure out how to get both names registered and keep them that way after a name switch occurs. It goes something like this: the character starts out with their civilian name, then their main profile will...
  18. Do gaming company names have an effect on purchasing games?

    Do gaming company names have an effect on purchasing games? Would you be willing to purchase a game from an unknown or unheard of company or publisher?
  19. captainproton

    RTP Characters

    This may be somewhere here already, but I couldn't find it. I was curious about the RTP characters. I know Eric and Alice, and of course Ralph, but is there a list of the RTP characters and their names?
  20. Aeternus

    Items Weapons Armor and the rest...

    Hi Guys Venor here coming in to rant about Item names xD So here is the thing.. I finished my intro (waiting on spell check/grammar from my test subject xD) so now that ive got that done i decided, hey im gonna delete every weapon, armor and all that other stuff cause im gonna make my own...

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