1. Haxorus Imp

    How do I make certain names not allowed?

    I know that this has something to do with conditional branches, but I looked for a tutorial and nothing would come up. Which is why I came here to ask this question. 'How to I make certain names not allowed for the player to use?' I wanna know how you can prevent the player from using a...
  2. Parallax Panda

    Naming your game/studio (legal issues)

    So like the title says, I want to discuss the possible legal and bureaucratic aspects of naming your game and/or game studio. Like every other thread where people are asking for legal advice, someone is bound to make the inevitable comment "don't ask here, ask a lawyer". If there happen to be...
  3. Cray

    I need help naming my main character

    I'll cut to the chase. My protagonist is a young boy whose probably gonna end up being somewhere between four to seven years old in my upcoming game (still in very early stages of development so I'd rather avoid showing you his spritesheet as it's very likely to be edited heavily.) I wanna make...
  4. Phoenixsylph

    (Yanflys) Actor Variables Plugin Shows 0 (though I named the variables)

    Here is the plugin and it even shows a video demonstration. Variables shows up and just says: 0 0 0 0 going down I want to name it like, Affection, Hunger, Sleep ect whatnot. In the video and plugin directions it just says that when you name the variable, it should show up as that unless I'm...
  5. CallMeKerrigan

    Can I name a fictional country after a bussiness?

    There's a company in my state and their name sounds like a fantasy city. It's not an actual word, though. Would I get in any legal trouble if I named the country in my game the same name as their business? I know I can come up with millions of other names but it just feels right.
  6. MNH Gaming

    Are These Spells Copyright

    So after building most of my world, I've finally settled down to the battling mechanics and skills. I'm happy to make my own custom names for physical type moves, but I find that the easiest and most logical spell system comes from Final Fantasy's "-a, -aga, -ja" post-fix notation. I have no...
  7. VTB HP/MP Naming, this is a script idea, give me from the topic of MHRob, which topic, you can find here: It simply changes the HP/MP text, in to icons. Since this it was a simple script...Probably some...
  8. BigToastie

    Spell Names

    Hi Guys, With regards to spell naming conventions, what do you guys feel about the whole "Cure / Cura / Cureaga" - same for other etc.? - not specifically those names just that sort of naming convetion  Alternatively Resurrection I / Resurrection II ..? as I am naming...
  9. NeoFantasy

    Help re-naming some characters

    So naming people has never been my forte and I don't think that's ever been more evident than with the names of the characters in my first game. Since most of them are bound to make reappearances in the sequel I think now's a better time than ever to give them better, less generic names, the...
  10. FuryDr00d

    Need help with naming things.

    Does anyone have a system for naming things? Like People, or monsters, or worlds, or places in general? I am so lacking creativity, and was wondering if anyone had a system. One of my friend's systems, which I hate is rearranging letters from a normal word. For the name of a castle He Said...
  11. Hunor

    Please Help me with naming two actors the same name through an event.

    Please help me.  I'm trying to use the name input processing even command to allow the player to name there actor 1, but I want it to at the same time name actor 2 the same name that the player gave to actor 1. Example: Let's say that the player named actor 1 "Alex".  Therefore actor 2 will...
  12. Petite Elite

    Naming the Protagonist?

    For all my life I've unquestioned my view on naming the protagonist in an rpg. However, the other day, I was strolling when, all of a sudden, I stopped, gazed towards the shining Sun, and thought to myself: "Is it really better if the player gets to name the main character?" I mean, I guess...

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