1. casteco

    RMMV Making an item that recovers both HP and MP if actor is inflicted with a certain state.

    The goal: If actor has state [NICOTINE ADDICTION] then using the MP recovery item [CIGARETTE] will additionally recover HP along with MP. The formula I'm using for the item is: [b.isStateAffected(190) ? b.gainHp(5) : 5] The battlelog shows "5 HP recovered | 5 MP recovered" yet doesn't seem to...
  2. Midnight Kitty

    Problem adding character age

    The problem I have with the following code is it does not seem to save the number entered into the prompt box, does anybody know how I can fix this?
  3. YellowIris

    Actor's HP Reaches Nan When Death Occurs?

    Hi guys! So, I'm having a few issues with my game in the sense that, when my character's are fighting battlers, and they get killed by an enemy, their HP doesn't go to 0. It just says NaN (not a number) I'm assuming. Same with their MP. When it reaches 0, they can still use magic. I'm sure I'm...

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