need artist

  1. NekoDev

    FREE Need anime bust/scene artist

    Who I need? I am looking for artist that could draw for me busts and/or scenes in anime style for my game. It would be also appreciated if that person could draw monsters/animals etc. but it's not necessary. As you can see, this thread is in Project Recruitment and not in Resource Requests...
  2. Gamingstar

    Free Art? (Yes, I stooped to that level)

    Yes, I know; "You're never gonna get free art!!". Well I need to ask because I ain't got money right now and need some background art for a game I'm making. So; if you don't wanna read this sh!t then just click off of this post, if you are willing to do free art here's what I need from you: I...
  3. Joey Camarillo

    Artist Needed!

    I'm working on a viking inspired game and need help with making art, mostly the battler sprite for enemies. If you want more info or want to help plz it'll be much appreciated

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