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  1. jmonkey106

    Summon Plugin?

    I was looking for a plugin for MV that can let me summon actors during battle but have them only last for a certain amount of turns. This plugin seems to do this, though it doesn't work with Yanfly plugins and I use Yanfly. So if there is a plugin like this or...
  2. MissThomasTia

    Please help! RPG Maker XP problem! (FIXED)

    So I made a bunch of changes in a game I'm working on, so I want to now test my game, but whenever I hit "Playtest", I keep getting this message that says "Failed to create process." Also just clicking the "Game" option doesn't work either. Is there any way to fix this?
  3. Xavi_2073

    How does Degica Shop Work? Help

    I am attempting to buy RPG MAKER MV + RPG MAKER MV - ADD-ON PACK, but the mailing address is somehow incorrect. How does Degica Shop work? Like will they send a download link, email, activation code, or mail? Is it required to place the exact address as the Credit/Visa card? I recently...
  4. BurningOrca

    [Solved] Need help with own travel system plugin

    Hello, my own game if ever finished will contain no world map, because I don't really like it. For this it needs some kind of fast travel system, so I wrote a plugin for this which is almost finished. I only have quite a big issue, that I couldn't solve because I am inexperienced. I wanted to...
  5. Warserker

    Need help with a "time stop" ability

    Hello. I recently tried to make a time stop ability, basically a common event (called with Yanfly's Button Common Events plugin) that, using a switch, stop all moving NPCs for 10 seconds. To make the time stop work only 10 seconds I am using SumRndmDde's Timer Upgrade plugin (it should also work...
  6. LUKElcs

    I need the MV Generator Default Files

    I don't need instruction on how to use them, I just need the files themselves. I'm not going to bother going into why and all that, but if someone could just copy their MV generator folder and put a download to the file in the comments or something that's really all I need. Thanks in advance...
  7. yomaniac

    Trouble with the Terrax Lighting Plugin

    Hi, I am using this plugin and everything is working fine with some lights I made accept the colour. I have the right code in for the color I want to use but it is still showing a white colour, however sometimes when my followers go on it the correct colour appears on them. Any ideas on how to...
  8. yomaniac

    Rapid Button Press?

    I am trying to make a mechanic where the player needs to rapidly press a key on the keyboard to continue the game, if they fail then it's game over. Anyone know how to do this?
  9. yomaniac

    Trouble with the Terrax Lighting Plugin

    Hi, I am using this plugin and everything is working fine with some lights I made accept the colour. I have the right code in for the color I want to use but it is still showing a white colour, however sometimes when my followers go on it the correct colour appears on them. Any ideas on how to...
  10. Mooshry

    XP Blue Magic error

    Well... the previous error was fixed, (The Blue Magic one) but now, a random character takes 0-5 damage at the end of every turn, when they're not poisoned or sapped. It has no effect on gameplay, but looks plain weird. I need this fixed.
  11. GlorShmi

    How can I make a Kill Quest??

    NOTE: when I say Kill Quest i mean to kill an enemy for the NPC(quest giver) and after killing them getting the reward. Hello everyone im also pretty new to RPG Maker VX Ace and i have been stuck in one problem for a pretty long time now that i cant figure out how to fix it. so first of all...

    Ok so I've recently purchased the midevil dungeon pack and when I go to add the premade characters into my game they are too large and don't fit. How can I get around that?
  13. Event stop looping

    I am trying to make an event that will start when you enter the map. But whenever it starts when I enter it automatically starts looping itself and I tried breaking the loop but it won't help
  14. Custom Battle Animation Sequences

    Hello, I'm new here. I was wondering how to create an animation sequence. I've watched some of Yanfly's videos on Youtube but I just don't get how to do it. Can someone help me with this? I need individual step-by-step instructions otherwise I won't get it. I want my actor to do some cool attack...
  15. PineappleJade

    My imported tileset images are getting cut off?

    In the first tab (a) for the tilesets, It wont add the whole page of tilesets into tab a, only the first two rows. Is it supposed to this, I'm fairly new so I am not sure.. How can I fix/get around it? Thank you in advance!
  16. Brayden P

    Paying for Recorces

    I was wondering if there is there a way to make people pay for my recorces, games, ect. through this site? If not, Does anyone know an alternative? Thanks! ;) :P :D
  17. Move Route Not Working

    Hello. I am very new to rpg maker. Im making an intro cut scene to my game, in this cutscene there is a character in the middle talking to another character. After a big of text the character being talked to (Akash) turns to the left waits for 30 frames then turns to the right twice then waits...
  18. BonnieLass

    Orange Custom Events trouble

    First of all, I would have posted my troubles on Orange's Custom Events thread, but it hasn't seen much activity lately. So I'm unlikely to receive much help and I could really use some help. I'm using this plugin because I want to switch out event graphics based on a variable. This is a game...
  19. Blink_North

    Need help with Tilesets

    Ooooooookay... I barely understand my way around RPG maker. Im learning! But I'm still the ultimate noob. I think I messed up buying MV because all the previous incarnations have TONS of community made resources while MV has like nothing...... That aside, I'm still trying to make a modern...
  20. Tr4sh-C4n

    Having issues with Yanfly's action sequence plugin

    Heya ! Tr4sh-c4n's here with another problem ! I had the idea for a skill; it would be a "dunk" dealing TONS of damage to one target but to make it a bit balanced, the user will be unable to do anything for the next turn ( , two turns laters, the user will get back on track ). The skill is...

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