1. do i need android 10?

    i don't use much of the mobile, it's mostly for whatsapp, online banking, a little internet search (mostly text), occasionally i use discord, and i read a lot of books the apps i use: f-stop gallery pro, "simple" apps, open camera, color note, Moon+ Reader Pro, A Better Camera Unlocked, cozy...
  2. genemm

    Need help to make diamond grid nested loop

    Hi everyone, Great day! I am trying to make a diamond grid nested loop but I have a problem with it. There are excessive events created that are more than the desired diamond grid. Kindly check the attached files for the picture. Here are my event commands and scripts: Control Variables ...
  3. Lord Vectra

    How do I get back my RPG Maker MV?!

    My PC is acting up and I got told today I have to reset it to its normal factory conditions. I was wondering how to get back MV after the reset without having to pay for it again. Or is there a support number I call for that?
  4. Fairypower

    Need TV_Body_p01 from the Kid Generator!

    Hey, I was just copying the contents of the female generator into the kid generator and accidently overwrote the body template :rswt Would someone be so kind to send them to me so I can continue on my project? A big thank you in advance!
  5. [TRICKY] Need help with Pokèmon evolution system

    Okay, I'm going to try, the best as I can to explain this one. I want to make certain pokemon (actors) evolve, change their appearance, and classes. I have an actor and class for each Pokemon. I have 2 methods for this, but none of them work due to the things I'm about to explain. (lets use...
  6. Mooshry

    Row Battle System

    Hello. I need a Lane/Row battle system for one of my many, MANY, games. Basically, i need a battle system that lets you change the formation of characters every turn, by using a move command which would move to any column/lane if a character is not occupying that space. And the monsters would...
  7. Title from Moghunter and Custom Res from ForeverZer0 doesn't work

    When I'm trying the script by Moghunter (Animated titlescreen) and foreverzer0's script (Custom resolution) doesn't works when I use them both, the problem is that the picture that works for the New Game, Load Game and Close Game called Com_01 Com_02 and Com_03 don't appear, is there anyway it...
  8. Mooshry

    Boss Theme Needed

    Hello! I need a Boss Theme that fits this guy: What? You need more information? That's literally all i need! Well, the format should be for MV, and there should be an OGG and an M4A file of it! But.... that's basically all i need. Any more info needed? It should be a 1:20 second...
  9. heyimzel

    How to make something specific happen when event touches block?

     Hello!  I am new at RPG maker, and I don't know if this is obvious, but is there a way I can make something specific happen when an even touches a block?  What I have done so far, is make it so that the event is movable by a player touching it.  Here are the commands I have put in the...
  10. DKP


    Hello members and admins, i want to ask you all something. i wanna delet my victory aftermath message , anyone can help me or guide me ? thank you :)
  11. Weight system plugin

    Hey guys so im making a game and there is a plugin that i realy need someone to make we use to have a script in vx ace for this but iv moved on to mv  if you dont understand what im talking about its like in skyrim you can hold so much and once you reach that amount you cant hold anymore and...
  12. Kimimant

    Parallax Mapping: Crashes because of pixi.js

    Hello makers, I have a problem with game crashes when my game loads the pictures I need for my "parallaxmaps".   A week ago I started to use this technique for my maps and it looked beautiful so I began to rework all my maps. I use these following plugins for my maps: TDDP_PreloadManager (by...
  13. MrGameDev

    Is it possible?

    i was wondering if you could make an event dissapear after the event has ended cause my game that i am working on needs that
  14. Looking for battle modifiers.

    I need help adding a "health bar" under the enemy? So it can tell the player playing the game how much health the enemy has?
  15. wrigty12

    Anyone have Yanfly Anti-Fail Message?

    I didn't know where else to put this, but I am looking for someone with Yanfly's Anti-Fail Message script downloaded. I need it (preferably now while I remember to implement it) but his Dropbox that holds it is currently disabling public links to do traffic. If someone has a copy of the script...
  16. Joe

    I need dragon sprites

    I need sprites of some dragons. I need one to be tiny, one to be medium and one to be big. Please make them RPG maker vx ace style and make them gray. Whoever does this will be in the credits of my game. Thank you.  :) :thumbsup-right:
  17. Cjdgame

    Chef portrait?

    So I'm looking for some sort of chef portrait for my shop. Does anyone have one or know of one? Right now I'm using the chef in this face set.
  18. Cjdgame

    Battlebacks anyone?

    Hey, I've been googleing and searching everywhere for some more battlebacks but I've only found a few :( Does no one out there make battlebacks? Or am I just not looking hard enough. Any form of help or guidance would be much appreciated. Also, specifically I am looking for a market or stand...
  19. Joe

    I need sprites...

    Hello, I would like it if someone could make a sprite of the character (It's in the attached files.) I would like it if you made him have flying sprites, like in a top-down view and his wings and hair flowing when he's moving.  I REALLY need this for my game.
  20. Genocidal Dave

    Victor Engine - Damage Popup in the corner?

    Eh, hi. This is kind of weird. I was testing out a battle and this suddenly happened. I thought this was just a glitch, but it's happening over and over in other encounters too. Are there any scripts that interfere with Damage Popup? If so, is there any way of me keeping them and removing the...

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