1. FREE Looking for Beta-Testers (Needed) for Remainder Studios' "The Town of The Lost Witch" English ver.

    [PLEASE, MAIL darkspinesgames@gmail.com IF INTERESTED] Hi, everyone! DarkSpines Games here. So, we are about to finish the translation of the Spanish game by Remainder Studios "The Town of The Lost Witch". It isn't short. Well, you have all the information here: [by the way] Engine...
  2. How can I save set swithces after closing game? [SOLVED]

    Hi! I'm currently using RMVA to make my game and I know this japanese script that allows to save the set variables after closing game, but, can I do the same with switches? Thanks!
  3. 02Aya

    [RPG VX] Help with custom Battlers?

    This is an RPG VX game and I would appreciate someone's help >< I need 1 custom Battler by September 1st 2017. It will be used in the demo released with the game trailer. Now, I'm aiming for an anime-ish style. There is NO need of duplicating the art style of VX Ace. (This only needs drawn...
  4. kibcob

    How to change event textures prior to battle exit animation?

    Okay, so I want to make the player change his sprite to a damaged version of his original sprite when he loses a battle, however the Change Actor Graphic command for a cutscene event only occurs after the battle exit animation is finished. Is there any way I can make the sprite be damaged before...
  5. Mooshry

    Boss Theme Needed

    Hello! I need a Boss Theme that fits this guy: What? You need more information? That's literally all i need! Well, the format should be for MV, and there should be an OGG and an M4A file of it! But.... that's basically all i need. Any more info needed? It should be a 1:20 second...
  6. ChrisTheDestroyeR

    Story/Dialogue Writer needed for small project.

    Hello, im Chris .  Ive been in game development for a few years mainly working with the visuals and scripting. My story writing is decent, but I'm now working on a sequel instead of a anticipated prequel I had in mind. Which calls for new plot that I wasn't prepared for. Even though the...
  7. RilinDev

    Spriters and Artists needed

    Okay, so since I am close to done with the alpha of my game (which uses placeholder sprites), I figure I'll open this up now. So, I need spriters and artists for my video game, The Quest for the Sacred Sword. Now, I would do it myself, but I have no talent in either of those fields. But please...
  8. o0Danny0o

    Small team needed (XP)

    Hi everyone. I'm currently making a game called "Arune" which is a RPG and the game is being made using only RPG Maker XP pre-supplied resources but i am trying my best to make a great quality game i also have no intentions of "Ditching" this game so i wont be wasting peoples time. My goal is to...
  9. ToastGoblin

    Need Concept Art For Pixel-Z

    Hey! We were recruiting for our dev team, but things are being kind of slow, so we wanted to get a concept art(ist) to speed things up. So here is a Q&A style information sheet: Q:  What is Pixel-Z? A: PIxel Z is an open world zombie survival game being developed in RPG maker XP or Ace...
  10. muzzletgh

    Temporary Speed Boost Help

    I am making a little coffee feature to my game that, when you drink coffee, it boosts your speed by 1 for one minute. But at the moment I don't know how to do it. Do I put: @>Control Timer: Startup (1 min. 0 sec.) @>Set Move Route: Player : : $>Change Speed: 5 ? That's what I have it set up...
  11. NixasHearts

    Animator Needed

    I was wondering if anyone would be willing to do some anime cut scenes for my game. There will be more than one scene although I won't give you them all at the same time. I'd like them to be like something you'd see in an anime. If you are willing to do this, please send me a video of your...
  12. My Project; In need of character sprites & faces

    Hi. I'm currently making a new project and I need a few character sprites & faces for them. The pictures I'll provide below will be mostly from Minecraft, as they are how I want my characters to look like. I don't want the character sprites to be cubed and everything—but a regular RPGMakerVxAce...
  13. wrigty12

    Jetpack and Anthropomorphic Owl (VXAce)

    I am looking for a Jetpack accessory for a character sprite, and an anthropomorphic owl, at least the head. The owl-man in the below picture is who I am attempting to sprite. If anyone can lead me in the right direction, that would be great!
  14. [Help] Pickup & Drop.

    I wan't to make an Animal Crossing esk kind of game. Obviously a lot different in many ways but the idea of owning a house and being able to drop things in it, pick them up, rotate them and what not is extremely appealing to me.  I am not sure if there are ways to make inventory and do this but...
  15. Wirtle

    Music needed

    Hi there, I'm making my first ever RPG titled "Chased by Mario". Don't let the name fool you! Not only is it subject to change but the genre of the story is a mashup of Medieval/Sci-fi fantasy. Imagine Lord of the Rings meets Star-Trek. This is a rough outline of the story: Chased By Mario I...
  16. Shaz

    Sprite Request! VX ACE

    This thread is being closed, due to being solved. If for some reason you would like this thread re-opened, please report this post and leave a message why. Thank you.

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