1. i do not know what software to use to draw custom content

    i do not know how and what software/app to use for custom content i have two options a pc and a phone, the only drawing app i know is ibis paint x i do know about ps aka photoshop theres a 7 days free trial but i do not have a credit card help would be appreciated thanks. im also new i only...
  2. Character Won't Move No Matter What

    I just picked up VX Ace and I'm trying to make a fangame of LISA: The Painful, but whenever I place my character on a map they absolutely refuse to move unless I use the ctrl+arrow key. I've already double-checked that the tileset I'm using is set to an "o", so it shouldn't be impassible, and...
  3. I Lost My Tiles?!

    Im new to RPG Maker , so maybe Im missing somthing really obvious but , I Downloaded the resource pack for RPG Maker MV and I moved all the files into the main RPG Maker folder. However in doing this i seemed to have lost access or somthing to my tiles. The images for them dont appear. If I...
  4. Brayden P

    Paying for Recorces

    I was wondering if there is there a way to make people pay for my recorces, games, ect. through this site? If not, Does anyone know an alternative? Thanks! ;) :P :D
  5. Annali

    I'm planning to create rpg maker game and I need a composer

    So I wanna create an rpg maker game and I need a composer, I can't pay money, but he/she will be on the credits! I need horror music, and melodic music: something peaceful and beautiful. Thank you for your interest!
  6. Brayden P

    Questions About MY Accound

    I have some questions about things: 1: What are those things people have so that after every time they speak or reply to something it shows images of projects there working on which have links to them. Is that automatically done or is it manually done every time?. If automatically done how do...
  7. Issues.

    So this has been happening since I even first got the game, none of the image files pop up for ANYTHING! Doors, characters, enemies, etc.. All the files are in the right places too. I watched some videos on how to import characters and such, and it always took the user right to the location of...
  8. Neruok

    Problem Loading Game

    So I'm having a bit of a problem. I was working on a game and I stopped for a week or two, but when I tried loading my game today to work on it an error window came up that said "Unexpected file format". Even when I try to start my game from the application file in the folder it doesn't load...
  9. Event Redoing itself

    I have installed RMVX Ace about a week ago, and have been working on a game that takes place in a school. The problem is that in the start, a student is supposed to arrive to school and go the are when they chat with other students. The event works fine but when I re-enter the school entrance...

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