1. Isabella Ava

    MV Online Core server running error?

    Please close this thread. No longer needed
  2. Nelderson

    Nelderson's MV Online Core

    Nelderson’s MV Online System 0.2.0 Introduction This system is designed to make a stable and secure online connection from your game to a server of your choice. Modules and plugins are still being developed for all sorts of different online uses. So far I have made modules that include; a...
  3. Nelderson

    Nelderson's Online Core

    Nelderson's Online Core EDIT 1/24/17:  Github Repo | Tutorial Walkthrough Hi Everyone! 2016 ended and still no online system.  So as a resolution I decided to loose weight and remake my prototype Passive MMO project into something more usable by the community.  I decided to...
  4. Nelderson

    N.A.S.T.Y Replace Window with Picture

    N.A.S.T.Y. Replace Window with Picture By: Nelderson Introduction This script uses pictures instead of windows you specify.  While this looks very simple, for the Photoshop nerds this will be invaluable.  Features - Have a picture instead of the default window. - Use pictures on only the...

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