1. Inamortus

    Question About NeMV's Tags Plugin

    I've tried contacting the author of the plugin about this but unfortunately had no response. My question about the plugin is would I be able to use this plugin to create 'item pools'? As an example, say I have Common, Uncommon and Rare as different tags on items. So, when the player opens a...
  2. Nekoyoubi

    NeMV - On Step Effect

    Plugin: NeMV - On Step Effect Version: 1.0 Author: Nekoyoubi Release: May 2nd 2016 Download: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/nekoyoubi/NeMV/master/NeMV_OnStepEffect.js Requires: n/a Introduction Allows your actors' states to perform JavaScript evaluations as you walk on...
  3. Nekoyoubi

    NeMV - Battle Action Messages

    Plugin: NeMV - Battle Action Messages Version: 1.0.1 Author: Nekoyoubi Release: May 1st 2016 Download: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/nekoyoubi/NeMV/master/NeMV_BattleActionMessages.js Requires: n/a Introduction This plugin allows your skill and item messages to be...
  4. Nekoyoubi

    NeMV - State Resources

    Plugin: NeMV - State Resources Version: 1.2 Author: Nekoyoubi Release: April 27th 2016 Download: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/nekoyoubi/NeMV/master/NeMV_StateResources.js Requires: YEP - Buffs & States Core & YEP - Skill Core Introduction This plugin grants the ability...
  5. Nekoyoubi

    NeMV - Class TP Rename

    Plugin: NeMV - Class TP Rename Version: 1.3 Author: Nekoyoubi Release: April 10th 2016 Download:  https://raw.githubusercontent.com/nekoyoubi/NeMV/master/NeMV_ClassTPRename.js Introduction This plugin allows you to rename and recolor HP/MP/TP displays in your game per class...
  6. Nekoyoubi

    NeMV - Actor Equip Points

    Plugin: NeMV - Actor Equip Points Version: 1.0 Author: Nekoyoubi Release: April 4th 2016 Download: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/nekoyoubi/NeMV/master/NeMV_X_ActorEquipPoints.js Requires: NeMV - Tags & YEP - Equip Requirements Introduction This plugin provides a...
  7. Nekoyoubi

    NeMV - Tagged Action Count

    Plugin: NeMV - Tagged Action Count Version: 1.1 Author: Nekoyoubi Release: April 3rd 2016 Download: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/nekoyoubi/NeMV/master/NeMV_X_TaggedActionCount.js Requires: NeMV - Tags Introduction This plugin allows the counting of certain actions to be...
  8. Nekoyoubi

    NeMV - Tags

    Plugin: NeMV - Tags Version: 1.2.3 Author: Nekoyoubi Release: March 28th 2016 Download: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/nekoyoubi/NeMV/master/NeMV_Tags.js Introduction This plugin allows actors, enemies, classes, skills, states, items, weapons, armors, and events to be tagged...

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