1. genemm

    Need help to make diamond grid nested loop

    Hi everyone, Great day! I am trying to make a diamond grid nested loop but I have a problem with it. There are excessive events created that are more than the desired diamond grid. Kindly check the attached files for the picture. Here are my event commands and scripts: Control Variables ...
  2. FoxySeta

    Nested conditions

    This is part of a common event I am implementing. The process stops right before calling "Generate Frames". Because of this, if I want to execute the exact common event call regardless of the esit of the condition above, I need to to put it both after "Change Background -> Foreground" and "Clean...
  3. Nested Conditional Branching not working as intended

    Hello, I'm back again with a problem that Ive been trying to solve for at least 7 hours already :c so here, the acquired chain mail variable shouldnt show itself until you kill off the monsters What happens is the conversation cycles through the intro (chief news variable), and the 2nd...

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