1. Pheonix KageDesu

    RMMZ Alpha NET Z. Multiplayer plugin [Update 0.7 + ABS]

    Alpha NET Z. Beta. Version 0.7 by Pheonix KageDesu Make own multiplayer game with RPG Maker This plugin is sequel of Alpha NET plugin and made for replace it Features: Not neet to worry about server, hosting, IP -> plug and play in your game with friends Easy to use and easy to...
  2. Dvor-ak

    An Over the Garden Wall fangame

    Hi guys! I started working on an Over the Garden Wall fangame, based on the Cartoon Network minisseries (it's beautiful, if you didn't watch it, go RIGHT NOW). Just wanted to show you the aesthetics so far, I'm still working on world building, writing and overall base of the project, so I...
  3. Rayhaku808

    WD My Cloud?

    Anyone use a local cloud storage kinda product so they can access their projects and resources from anywhere within the home? I have multiple computers and guests over often so I've given something like this some thought.  I mention guests so they could try my games without me having to...
  4. Ossra

    Easier Way to Connect to HTTP Server?

    With no Net::HTTP to take advantage of within RPG Maker, is there any easier way to perform a simple GET request aside from using WinAPI (WinINet, etc)? Is it perhaps possible to take the code of Net::HTTP and shove it into RPG Maker?

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