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  1. RMMV Combat Help (Multicasting)

    I'm trying to implement multicasting in my game and I learned that Yanfly's stb doesn't work for the multicast plugin I use. The Issue I'm having now is that combat becomes locked on my turn so I can't even test if the multicast works or not.
  2. New to RMMZ, Need some help.

    Hi! I'm working on a new project and just bought RMMZ and the Time Fantasy pack (It said it was compatable and I loved the style.) But I don't know how to properly get it to load without being very... weird. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  3. Save point that asks if player wants to quit

    So I'm trying to make a save point that asks if you want to save then when selecting yes, opens save menu then asks if the player would like to quit. Right now if you quit and load back in, it loads back into the question if you'd like to quit. i had this worked out once but lost the event and...

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Been playing through Skies of Arcadia again, and it really makes me wanna see someone try to implement how ship battles were done in the game into RPG Maker (or really just in general).
split view of both versions of the pocket city you traverse through. there's differences like areas only being accessible in one version of Autumn Bay. or events that only happen in one or the other.

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