1. Masterbrge

    Trying to make windmill of Pandamaru work, but I just dont know how

    Hello, Im a complete new soul in this world of rpgmaker. I had been using some tutorials and my little brain to advance by creating the game what I had been focused to do since a lot of time ago (but that I hadnt tried to do until now). I have the story, the knowledge, and a grammar who makes me...
  2. TheFerydra

    RMMV [DEMO] Vala

    Introduction: Vala is an RPG inspired by the Squaresoft era of Final Fantasy gameplay-wise, focused on its plot, which consists of one major story segmented in different chapters, alternating its focus characters each time, exploring a world with its own species and mythology. Synopsis...
  3. Help implementing Shiggy's Multicurrency Plugin?

    (I think this is the right forum for this, I'm still learning to navigate the forums.) I'm trying to implement a copper/silver/gold currency system (Like in Neverwinter or Dungeon's and Dragons table-top games) and I came across this plugin. The problem is that I'm very new to this. I've only...
  4. Character Sprite Size Problem

    Hello there! I'm newbie here and I already stumbled upon a little problem at the start of making a game. I got a Trial RPG Maker MV today to test the program out before buying it. I made custom resources with the help of templates before hand and thought everything will work out fine but it...
  5. Devoted_Bastion

    Interviewing influential people to help new devs.

    Hello everyone, I am new to the community and would like to contribute what I can to help new developers like myself. I have made a google document interviewing currently 3 members of the community with questions on how to get started with your game. If anyone who is interested in answering some...
  6. Davox

    What are the most common traps newbie developers tend to fall for while making a project?

    I'm in the making of my first medium project, i usually try to do so much and make many mechanics that the ambition of making a big game makes me feel so tired, that i leave it eating dust for months before continuing. This time i'm making things slower, i started writing my world's lore in a...
  7. basic stealth coding question ???

    Hello internet friends can I please have some help with my stealth code I am super new to rpg maker mv and have never used Java script before I am enjoying adding a little stealth level to my game I am mainly copying these cool tutorials even tho they are for vx ace and I am using I am...
  8. Macgyver831

    Forced menu movement

    I'm looking to create a tutorial that works as a sort of cutscene. I don't want the player to have control outside of progressing dialogue. It would play out like: Open menu screen, dialogue, cursor moves to equipment, opens tab, dialogue, more cursor movement and such. Is this possible at all?
  9. Resizing Spritesheets???

    So i'm working on a game, and I have a sprite for a character named Jazz, who's a proper English Gentleman who's a scarecrow. The sprite sheet seems to be too big for rag maker, here are some images. does anyone know how to fix it? thanks! here are the images
  10. AgentN107

    It's about time I said hi!

    Hello! the names AgentN107(pronoced agent-n-one-o-seven) You might have seen me around the last couple a month I signed up a year ago and only now started asking questions at the start of 2019. I am an animator and a storyteller that enjoys playing and making games. I also learn visually, been...
  11. Davox

    RMMV Magic Academy Ranks

    So, i have this idea of a magic school in my project, and besides being another plain location I want it to be more dynamic, so, you can enroll any character from your party that has magic abilities and then you'll be assigned a mission,(finding objects,dungeons,puzzles...) Then you'll earn...
  12. Davox

    I need some help with my custom facesets

    So i've been doing a project and i asked a friend of mine if she could make me some of my characters faces in her drawing style so i could use it in my game. they are pretty cool but there's a problem with the 7th and 8th faces, they dont appear in the iamge box when a dialogue it's displayed...
  13. Is MV a good engine for this project?

    Hey everyone. I'm brand new to the forum and was hoping for someone to point me in the right direction or give some quick tips. I have had an idea for a game in my head for a couple of years now and I want to actually put in the work to make it a reality. My idea is a turn-based strategy game...
  14. Zuque

    Hello Everyone

    Hello to all , my name is Yuri and i am new to the RPG Maker community.:ahappy: Developing is a new frightening experience to me :aswt2:, but i had decided that its time to change my life around ...... for the better i hope:awink:, i have always had stories in my head or a wild imagination that...
  15. RedRose190

    Hello to everyone!

    Hello! my name is Anna and i am new here! i have the rpg maker vx ace and right now im making my first game Im very open to chat with all so message me, we can speak for our games if you too making one and maybe i can help with somethings? i don't know maybe you can help me haha lets have good...
  16. PixelGamerDev

    I'm making dreams happen!

    Hello everyone, I am here to get the hang of this RPG Maker thing. I'm not sure if I'll be making direct RPG's seeing as this engine has quite a few possibilities, but I do plan to start small. I can give the spill about myself, but I kind of did that on the about me portion of my profile. Check...
  17. Bairaisu

    How to adjust Stat Functionality

    I'm new here, and I'm just starting a game that I've been planning out for years. But I just downloaded VXA and it doesn't seem to provide me with enough flexibility. I don't know if I'm missing something really obvious, or if I need to edit the game scripts. I need to remove the MMP gauge as...
  18. ShayDev


    Hello everyone! I came here so I could get help with a game I'm working on and what better way to start then to simply introduce myself? Now I haven't bought a version of RPG Maker yet but I know its the program I want, its just deciding on a particular version that's hard. I intend to create my...

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