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  1. ElSturge

    RMMV Kira's Legacy

    Kira's Legacy Kira's Legacy is a short RPG game set in the Kingdom of Tranquil. Aldis, a young resident of Serenity Town, and his sister, Kira, find that life isn't always as it seems. An old legend which has been passed down from generation to generation finally becomes reality. Fight...
  2. Ancient_Eagle

    RMMV Demon Tale (Work in progress)

    Demon Tale (Work in progress) The adventure awaits... Ready for actions... Epic battles... Epic story... And... DEMONS!!! Content Warning: This game contains violence, blood, fantasy violence, bad language. Not recommended for under-age.
  3. DK

    New Game - Allows you to set variables, switches, change gold and party items before starting the game.

    Title: New Game Version: 2.0.0 Author: DKPlugins Description: Allows you to set variables, switches, change gold and party items before starting the game. Compatibility: RPG Maker MV: 1.5+ RPG Maker MZ: 1.0+ Features: Variables Switches Self switches Gold Items Weapons Armors "Help"...
  4. Sparky89

    Working title video playthrough.

    Please move post if in incorrect place appologies. Hello all, so i'm new to RPG MV i was on VX ace for a few months from this i learnt the basics. I moved to MV Last december - and covid has gotten in the way for 6months so now i'm back re-learning and making a game! I would appriciate feed...
  5. Wabron

    RMMV A Broken Tale - Comedy Action Adventure (Voice-acted ABS game)

    Intro gameplay - We are making a game inspired by the 90's classics we grew up with as kids. Banjo, Zelda, Final Fantasy, Conker etc. Its a comedy action adventure game. We use ABS combat. The Game is 100% voice acted. All the art and music are custom made. Its a open world game, though you...
  6. Zaabos

    RMMV Moons of True Magic- READY! . Bree Teotl Kieran [/SPOILER] On the Forbidden Impulse. Building the Bonds of Battle [/SPOILER] Well met, Traveler, please step closer. Tell me, Traveler, did you just stumble through the window or are you looking...
  7. Emperor DragonBreath

    Remove 'New Game' Option from the Title Screen

    How do I make my game so if the player has a save file, they will not be able to start a new game? I know forbidding players to start a new game if they have a save file might sound like a jerk move, but I want my players to have to live with their decisions in my game, kind of like they would...
  8. Neo_Kum0rius_6000

    RMVXA ✡️ Planet Stuck 3 - The Third Dimension ✡️

  9. Lilly

    FREE REQUEST Birth of Elemental Light - [Title In Progress]

    Demo Please give me feedback, questions and/or info about how to make it game better. ------ For 2 or 3 months, I've been working on a game project. Engine: RPG Maker MV Synopsis: A RPG game filled with puzzles and a Linear Motion Battle System and in this game you will move normally through...
  10. SwarleyPilgrim

    The Overwhelming "New Project" Button

    Hey all! It's bee quite a LONG time since I've taken a deep dive into RPG Maker, but I can feel the addiction in my bones. It's time to make something wonderful! One thing I wanted to ask was how do you guys get started? When you create a new project, you start with the classic green square...
  11. Zumoto

    Redwood falls the demo 6.0 is out on Google play and

    Hello everyone, I'm here to talk about an upcoming game that's coming in the fall (11/30/2019). It is called Redwood falls, it is an ABS action /horror video game. Right now you can download it for free on...
  12. leoroura

    Game Start SE

    Hello everybody! It's me again... Have you ever played Resident Evil before? You know that voice that pops up whenever you hit New game ? I want to do something like that. I want to change the sound effect that plays once you hit "New Game". I tried changing the SE at system, inside the maker...
  13. Pixelent Games

    RMMV HERO FALL (My IGMC 2018 entry)

    Hi, I wanted to show you the game I made for the IGMC 2018, it's called HERO FALL, I used some assets from my current project HERO STAFF. HERO FALL is a simple 2d platform game where you have to collect the coins and get to the exit of every map. It's a short game actually, I didn't know how...
  14. ovate

    New Game Sound Effect

    NewGameSe - Version 1.1.0 (2018/11/23) Creator name: Triacontane Overview Plays a certain sound effect when New Game is selected. Features - You can select a sound effect through a parameter - Settings for adjusting: volume, pitch, and pan - Optional sound effect for Continue Credit and...
  15. EmmaB

    [RMMV] New Game Script Call

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if there is a new game script call that exists, as I am needing it for a game I am working on. I am wanting to use it for a custom title screen. Any help would really be appreciated.:)
  16. Helpful_Bill

    Having a Randomly Moving NPC Approach You

    Hello! I'm new here. Right now, me and a friend are attempting to learn RMMV and we are very new. So, here's the problem: We have a randomly moving NPC (bartender) that moves along the bar every so once in a while to check up on the NPC's at the bar. So far so good. So far we have events set...
  17. Milennin

    Looking for a fix for an old plugin

    I want to use DreamX's custom menu plugin, since it does (or did) what I need, but the creator is no longer active on here, so I'm hoping someone else could help me with this. What it does is let me set variable values as additional options in the options menu. The problem is that with the...
  18. Wasserteufel

    My first game - Any tips and tricks? =)

    Hi, folks! I am working on my first RPG now and red a few of your tips and concerns in other threads. But due to its closure I want to open a new one. Can you give me some feedback or tips what to avoid and what to do in my first RPG? What to do, what to avoid and other tips for making better...
  19. Pirate RPG

    Hay, so I'm making a naval based RPG game. So it's starts of with picking your character looks or making a character. Then select a faction, so can be a merchant sailor, pirate or Navy. Which ever you pick will have different reaction from people, so villagers may not be keen to talk to a pirate...
  20. leakymilky

    unable to have new game starting in a battle

    So im trying to set up a game where right when you hit new game it starts you off instantly into a battle, without having to go through dialog or even map loading but i dont seem to be able to do so. Each time i start the game it first loads up a map *or a black screen* the character sprite...

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