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  1. LetchkuSnow

    RPG Maker MV

    I just started on trying to get this program to work not too long ago, but I get stuck on a screen where it says I cannot connect to the internet (when I am connected). It won't let me activate the code given to me. (Here's the screen: ) Help? A side note: i've removed Norton Security and...
  2. TheGreenHorse

    As a scripter!

    Hi! My name is The Green Horse, I've come here as a scripter of RGSS3. My scripts are simple, straightforward and (mostly) not very heavy. I will mostly post compatibility issues, titles, errors, bugs. Just for information: contact me on anything you want; please; ill surely remain nice. And...
  3. SkepsysD

    Hello everyone

     Well I have been on this forum and many others for a while now, mainly as the silent observer. I started  with the rpg makers way back with RM 2K ( before I new it was illegal to own a english translation ). I never used RM XP, but I really loved and got serious with VX and then finally VX...

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Hello! Can anyone help me? I followed making cooking tutorial for RPG Maker MV. But for some reason buff state that food gives doesn't work in overworld. It disappears. What am I supposed to do?
A shotgun is not a rifle. Huh.
SIGH its so hard to convince my friend that making a game for fun and making one to sell takes different planning. I don't care about weird bothersome ways of doing things in a game made for fun, but when you are planning to market it, there is some stuff that you just have to streamline or cut out.
It might be a little bit boring and tedious, but building that database of armor, items, weapons and skills are super important.

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