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    ICF-Soft Params Core - Version 1.04 by ICF-Soft Introduction This plugin enables you to add full new custom parameters that can be used inside formulas or inside events. Note: This is an initial working version. To get latest version with all it's functionalities go to blog post or my...

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Good lord this is taking forever, I'm not even out of the opening really and I've still got hours worth of work to do before I get to the main gameplay loop. Orphan of Time will probably be done some time next year, If I'm lucky.
Finally the new pc is working!! But it seems a lost my license to Windows 10 because of the hardware changing :(
Tune in next time for our newest Episode: "PC issues return! Palm uses every swear in the lexicon!"
gotta update my game project thread page later
So trying out Ultra Mode 7 was a bad idea. How do I not include this in my game? XD

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