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  1. My Walk cycle isn't working

    I have two problems that i desperately need help with 1: I have a walk cycle for a character and it only shows 3 animations (1 row) instead of all 12 (4 rows). I've tried everything and it's not working :(( 2: I want to change my main character for my game but everything I do doesn't work...
  2. Apollyon

    Hello Everyone! New to this and forums in general lol

    Hello, I'm new to the RPG Maker experience and game design as a whole. I was scouting through the forums to try to find the answers to my questions and was amazed by how thorough and supportive the members of this forum are. Tbh, this might be one of the first forums I've ever actually joined...
  3. Nashtya

    Heya Everyone!

    Hey all! As you can see(or not?), I've technically been a part of these forums since early 2015, if not earlier. However, I haven't actually been a part of the community at all, but that can always change! I have RPG Maker VX Ace and MV, and while VX Ace was what originally brought me here, MV...

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