1. Hello All!

    Hello, My name is Ninerise and I fancy myself a bit of a game developer well at least aiming to be, I have been here for some time but for the most part just lurked and eyed over a few things here and there. In additions to hellos I'd like to thank the community because I don't think my project...
  2. If Variable value = x then assign text

    Hello Just downloaded RPG Maker MZ and had a question that I'm struggling to resolve myself. I am completely new to the software and coding - so please be gentle. I'm trying to create a pie eating contest in a carnival, I'm using RPG maker as a graphical aid for a D&D session. I have a few...
  3. Moving over from VX Ace!

    Hiya - I'm Hafsa, but you can call me Deeyah/D/HijabiFox. I used to use VX and VX Ace way back when; I played around with the engines when VX Ace was still relatively new. Coming back to it now though MV looks so much better, I decided to give it a shot and wow... it's different (I've also seen...
  4. Tairon

    I've so many questions.

    Question number 1! What is the best way for a new person with a lot of questions to go about asking them? Different forums arent all the same so what I usually do is gather a bunch of question over a week or so (which I've done) then post them together. But I think that due to the nature of this...
  5. I have a problem about yanfly party system (Very new to RPG maker mv forums)

    im making a game for my friends and I and whenever i activate the add member event it changes the party leader to the newest member, I want to lock my party leader so no one can change it in the formation menu too im not very good at scripting plugins so i might need someone to type it
  6. Muichiro_Tokito

    How does one add a animated tile set?

    Hello! I have questions about using or importing Animated tile sets... For example I want to add this fountain tile set made by Aqua https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/aquas-rtp-edits.124800/ < Her work here. But I'm new to adding tile sets and was wondering how I could add the...
  7. Share Your Games!

    Hello everyone! I am very new to the RPG Maker community, so hopefully I placed this in the right thread! I'm a huge fan of horror, mystery, drama, comedy, visual novel, & puzzle style games, and wondered if anyone had any games in these styles they'd like to share! I've only really played...
  8. Is there a way to make an attack only possible if an actor is in a certain state?

    I have an actor that gives themselves a state called Adrenaline, and I want to make a move that only works if they actively have this state. Can I have some help on how to do this?
  9. Quick Hello

    Hi! I've come here because I'm trying to convert RTP & FSM Tiles using the website's tutorial. My question on the matter is currently pending admin approval, so I figured I'd introduce myself in the meantime. Username is Legacygrid but typically my handle is Infinity. Just wanted to confirm...
  10. plasticlove


    Hi all! I just realized I've been pestering everyone without introducing myself! I'm from DC, I go to Otakon, Katsucon, and have been a HUGE weeb and JRPG fan since I was a kid. I used to play my brother's PSX RPG Maker before he pawned it (>:( ) but I'm otherwise brand new. I'm primarily a...
  11. New to Parralax mapping, something went wrong.

    I bought RPG Maker MZ recently and downloaded the plugin from Galv - MZ Layer Graphics I followed a tutorial to make the house you can see in the attached file, everything looked smooth in photoshop but when I startet up the game to see it, all the exteriors, light and shadows had moved a tad...
  12. Crazya

    Are the fresh start game dev assets from Humblebundle worth it for MZ?

    Hey! I am still new to the forums and forgive me if this is the wrong place. I even used search to see if I could find anyone else's opinion on these. Not sure where I could ask general questions. I am still extremely new to RPGmaker MZ. I came across the humble bundle for "Fresh start game...
  13. Journey_Sticks

    Candy Tiles and Enemies for MV

    Candy Country Tileset Candy characters and battlers These are my creation, use them however you want, no credit necessary If you have any ideas for anything to "sweeten the pot", please feel free to make suggestions! I will be updating this tileset and creating more to go with it.
  14. Journey_Sticks

    Generator Parts v-1.3

    Face Mask Bunny Tail Military Hats Jump Suit Jeans Only Smoking Blunt New Hat Skull Head Bunny Tail is Free to use however you want, no credit necessary New Hat is Free to use however you want, no credit necessary Hats are Free to use however you want, no credit necessary...
  15. Journey_Sticks

    Robot and Characters

    Most of these have battlers, some have diagonal and static poses. I made them for you to use however you want. I hope you like them. I created these from scratch & they are cc0, no need to credit for the graphics, free to use in any project.
  16. MirrorEdge

    New to RPG Maker. sharing ideas & Art.

    hey There ! second day in RPG MAker world & i cant see the limits of that incredible program. about me : David from France passionated on drawing, digital illustration & PixelArt. im surprised about how the RPG Communauty is active & incredibly creative. many People here...
  17. Anirath

    New to RPG Maker Forums, but not RPG Maker Software

    Hey everyone! My name is Thomas Clark, or known by my online handle Anirath, and I am a software engineer and web developer from a fairly small town in rural Southeast Alaska. I used to spend hours playing around with RPG Maker 2003 and RPG Maker XP back in the day, but it has been quite some...
  18. Wakawaka24

    RMVXA Rough game idea

    Hello there! I'm super new, just barely learning the scene and languo with RPG Maker, and I was hoping to get some feedback or guidance on what I should do next for this project of mine! I'll be including rough images and a thread I made on Twitter for my more rambly thoughts. In short, this...
  19. HisInfernalMajesty

    Jumped over from Unity to see what I’ve been missing...

    Hi Everyone, Wanted to commend you on such a fantastic community. Just wow. I’ve worked in Unity for some time now, around 6 years, as that’s where I cut my teeth on modern game development. I am old enough however that I learned PASCAL and Basic in high school computer science. What...
  20. topazlake

    New. Want to make something like Zelda 1 or Pokemon.

    Do you think it would be possible for a newbie to use RPG Maker XP while making own tiles for the world and own pixel art for sprites? I want to start making something like the first Zelda. It seems simple. Thoughts?

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