newbie hello

  1. Volpe

    Newbie here, sorry

    Heya guys, I bought my MZ today and never worked with RPG Maker before. I'm a great fan of RPG in general from D&D to Neverwinter to Dragon Quest, Fable, TES, Dark Souls... alas every type of RP game that has ever lived. So I actually created this thread to get some obscure tips of some kind...
  2. Allan Bays

    Brand New and entering IGMC 2017

    Hello everyone! My name is Allan Bays and I just picked up RPG Maker MV this month on the humble bundle. I've always loved RPGs more than any other genre of video game. I tried out RPG maker for the first time when I was a teenager on console but I did not really know what I was doing back...
  3. CodenameD

    A big hello to the entire RPG Maker community!

    Hi there, RPG Maker community! Nice to meet you all. I may be new to the forums but I've been stalking this wonderful piece of software for ages! Or at least since I've played some sample games made on RM2K or so, which made me wonder about this and eventually I fell in love with this. In the...

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