newbie help

  1. Volpe

    Newbie here, sorry

    Heya guys, I bought my MZ today and never worked with RPG Maker before. I'm a great fan of RPG in general from D&D to Neverwinter to Dragon Quest, Fable, TES, Dark Souls... alas every type of RP game that has ever lived. So I actually created this thread to get some obscure tips of some kind...
  2. 404Cat

    FREE Purblind- Looking for a Scripter, Sprite Maker, and Co-Animator (drawing and Sprite Animations)

    I have the story (Purblind) completely written out, along with how I want to run the demo through. I currently have at 4 or 5 of the main/side characters' character's sheets which I will added in the link below. I also have a discord server where we can work and post up our progress if need be...
  3. ShadowReaper2567

    So i'm new and need help! character generator addons

    i've looked all over online but the addons i find that add more character content to the character generator look vastly different from the original! it can really break immersion when two different characters have two different art styles, so i wanted to ask this, does anyone have addons for...

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