newbie introduction

  1. Volpe

    Newbie here, sorry

    Heya guys, I bought my MZ today and never worked with RPG Maker before. I'm a great fan of RPG in general from D&D to Neverwinter to Dragon Quest, Fable, TES, Dark Souls... alas every type of RP game that has ever lived. So I actually created this thread to get some obscure tips of some kind...
  2. binkfrog

    Hello Everyone!!

    Hi! I am some guy from Finland, you can call me binkfrog, bink or whatever you fancy. And I am very interested to use RPG Maker and found this site so I decided to make an account and join. Might ask for help here and such because I'm pretty much totally new to using RPG Makers of any kind...
  3. 3xp10si0n

    Hrmm.....How to start out?

    Hrmmm.....How Do I start this out? Well, let's just go with this: I am an aspiring (and by that, I mean noobish) game designer who has come up with concepts for games more times than I can count. While most of those projects do I put this... too ambitious for my current station, I do...

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Haired slime? Trying some different styles of art. Maybe I can make some resources with this new kind of painting.......
i love my game very much
Uh, I'm probably overthinking this, but I think that some of my music sounds kinda...bad?
The melodies are just sort of awkward, and don't flow.
I'm really not sure what to do. Why am I even worrying about this? I don't even have a battle system yet!
And the Lord said, let there be lighting effects! And there were lighting effects! And it was good...ish? Might tweak this some more.

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