1. Characters only moving on a horizontal axis?

    Hello! I'm completely new to RPGMaker/game development in general. I want to make a game where the characters can only move left or right on a parallax background and interact with objects and NPCs along the way. (A similar style to NITW or Chromatose, if you're familiar with those). I've...
  2. How can i make my own sprites/generator parts

    Hello! I'm so newbie, just discovered is possible add resources at the game, I don´t know how to do an edit, or what the heck is a template... So, I just wanted to know if a little caritative soul could explain me (Like to a baby) how I can make my own sprites of bodies, clothes, hair, etc...
  3. mr_karumin

    I'm new here. Hello....

    Hello guys. I am new here. I always wanted to make a rpg world but I saw it as overwhelming. I tried the Nintendo Switch version and it was too slow to do stuff. loll Now I want to give it a try and have some fun with it. I got some questions thought. 1: How is the new tools to make rpg...
  4. MistysKarma


    Hi, I'm Kara. I do a lot of stuff but right now I'm trying to work on a simple game for a very small company so that involves doing roughly everything myself. I'm having a bit of trouble with the tutorials here... but I'm excited to try and learn anyway.
  5. DarkSeraph

    Changing random battles during gameplay.

    So I was wondering if there was a way to change what monsters occurred, during gameplay? I know how to set them up in ranges for the game, but I was thinking of a situation where in the game an event would cause the random battles to disappear in certain ranges. Basically, you defeated them all...
  6. AmatureStudent

    I'm here to flop

    Hey there, mid-term lurker who thought it prudent to finally make an account! I'm currently a University student learning the ins and outs of Games Design and Creative Writing whose fiddled around with the RPG Maker programs for a good few years now, but never made anything substantal or...
  7. Jaded

    proper crediting? where to put them?

    Hi there, I had a few questions about proper crediting the resources we use. Is there a spot when making the game where we add it all, like as the game ends? so far I have bought: RPG Maker MV RPG Maker MV: Essentials Set Time Fantasy: Farm and Fort Time Fantasy: Winter Tiles And I think...
  8. ButtonMasher

    ButtonMasher wants to do more than mashing buttons!

    Hi everyone reading this, I'm ButtonMasher 23 years old, I've been pushing buttons to play video game since i was a kid. And a few months ago i decided to do more than just pushing buttons to play, but to create video games. And i decided to start with RPG Maker MV. I mainly love making a story...
  9. ShyGirlSarah

    Hello <3

    My name is Sarah and I am BRAND NEW to the RPG maker community. I really want to make my own game for fun but I also love playing RPGs so I want to see what's here. I am a female in her early twenties that loves RPGs/JRPGs. My favorite series is Kingdom Hearts, but I love Final Fantasy as well...
  10. Sajai-D-Halo

    Potion Problems (Fails to heal as specified in Effects Tab)

    Hey everyone, So I'm working on my first project and I'm having issues with Healing/Recovery items in my game. None of them heal/recover the specified value that it says in the effects tab. I started to run battle tests to simulate this issue. I have a Potion that is meant to heal 50 HP...
  11. Ytragof

    Hi! I'm trying to optimice my workflow and wanted some tips!

    Hey! Me again with yet an other thread for newbie help (Me being the newbie) So, I'm still working on the demo I told you guys about a time ago, but now I've come to a complicated scenario: I want for X event to Trigger after getting Y item. The specific example: You find a Music Box Handle...
  12. MagiCat

    *falls in* Oh, hi there!

    Hey there! Picked up a copy of MV recently because it sounded like a fun thing to learn and would give my wife and I something to work on together. As if we needed more to do. We’re setting up a little business for all the crafts and artwork we do, I sometimes hang around discord taking...
  13. HayateKung

    Examples of RPG Maker (esp. MV) game without battle

    Hey All, A newbie here working on a school project with RMMV. I'd like to ask if there is an example of RPG Maker games without elements of fighting. I am trying to create a storytelling game based on real life, and I would not need any of the fighting sequences. I am considering mini-games to...
  14. Ziyan


    Hiii! My name's Ziyan, I'm new to using the rpg maker mv software, I'm making an rpg/visual novel hybrid type of game. I hope to learn a lot from everyone hihi ^_^
  15. [SOLVED] How to overwrite a "vanilla" function?

    Hi, I'm somewhat new to programming. I'm messing with mouse commands on MV, but I'm altering direct on the rpg_xx.js files, and there are changes that I even don't remember which line was. HAhaha. Well, how can I create a plugin that my function totally overwrite the original function (on...
  16. binkfrog

    Hello Everyone!!

    Hi! I am some guy from Finland, you can call me binkfrog, bink or whatever you fancy. And I am very interested to use RPG Maker and found this site so I decided to make an account and join. Might ask for help here and such because I'm pretty much totally new to using RPG Makers of any kind...
  17. Ozunaga

    FSM: Woods and Cave Tiles and FSM: Town of Beginnings HELP!

    Hi there! I just got RPG Maker MV and finished watching tutorials on YouTube so I think I have a good grasp at the basics. I purchased the FSM: Woods and Cave Tiles as well as the FSM: Town of Beginnings Tiles from Steam (yes, I bought RPG Maker MV from Steam). I was quite excited about my...
  18. ShapeshiftIdentity

    Seeking experienced RMMV maker to mentor me

    Firstly, I apologize if I am posting this thread on the wrong board! I am brand new to RPGMaker software, and I have decided to create a game using RMMV. I have solid ideas and a clear outline for a game that I want to create, with a pretty good idea of how things would conceptually work. The...
  19. ZackyStardust

    [Help] "Super Mario RPG press button on time" battle system

    Hiya! I'm very fine working with RPG Maker, however, programming is DEFINITELY not my forte. I have studied a few of C++, tho. Anyway, I'm creating a battle system where, when an enemy attacks you, if you hit the action button on the trigger/right time (the "right time" might be when the SFX...
  20. ShapeshiftIdentity

    IG cross compatibility?

    Can IG be used in tandem with MV? I'm trying to do something strange with MV- I want to have mini levels that are platformers and IG seems to be the only maker with platforming abilities- is that even something that is possible? Or at least using IG entirely and just moving my tiles and...

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