1. atoms

    Yanfly Status Menu Core - Add Continue Same Status Command When QW Next Actor

    I'm using Yanfly's Status Menu Core found here http://yanfly.moe/2015/12/04/yep-37-status-menu-core/ It adds a couple new commands to the status menu such as Attributes. I think it's great, but when I use the Q and W keys to go through each actor it goes back to the top "General" command for...
  2. Hisao Shou

    Choice option next to NPC

    I'd like to make choices for npcs more interesting and I have no ideea how to make this happen. Here I will let an example i made in paint. When the player talks to npc it will show some options like: Talk, Fight, etc... next to it. I guess this can be made with pictures.. but... you...
  3. Jeremy Cannady

    Show exp in main menu.

    Script was requested here: http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/48739-show-exp-in-menu/ MenuNextExp.js v1.0 DownloadLink http://pastebin.com/Wc45wTre Jeremy Cannady Introduction Simple script to show the required exp in the main menu. Was a requested script for someone who doesnt...

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