1. 9tkitsune

    Soulpour777 - Animated Battlers empty method

    Hi there - Is there any coder who can help me with an old side-view battle script named " Soulpour777 - Animated Battlers " ? I don't know how to get it to work in a new project anymore. It returns the error: " line 313 (or other lines, too) No method error occurred, undefined method 'empty?'...
  2. NoMethodError Occured. Undefined Method: 'empty?' for nil:NilClass

    Hello I'm using Szyu's Crafting System script, and it was working just yesterday but today I go in and I haven't changed a thing, but every time I try to craft something I get this error. It gives me the error on line 175. I'm really bummed out about this and would like some help. Thanks.
  3. SakuraMiya

    Sprite_Picture NilClass error?

    I've making my latest game and everything runs smoothly, except for this door. What makes it strange it's that it only appears 2 out of 10 times I run the game and sometimes the sprite works fine....(the sprite is supposed to enter from a land with mist to a manor, which means the mist...

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