1. bjorn56

    RMMV Garage Ninja! [RPG] [Comedy] Demo Out Now!

    If you are interested in playing the game, Let me know. This game is on steam if you want to add it to your wishlist. Any feedback or ideas are welcome. If you are interested in helping out, shoot me a message and I'll see what we can do. Thanks for reading, Bjorn.
  2. biggislims

    RMMZ Hiro of Legend

    Hello, here to announce my current project, Hiro of Legend. Hiro is an elven boy who lives in the Ancient Era, on a small plot of land, on the southern portion of Zormello Island, in the Daeydark Empire. He is from a family of farmers who make a meager living growing Stickyleaf for the Empire...
  3. Leokids

    Naruto Ultimate Ninja 4

    Lets Talk about This Newer PS2 Game Which Is Released in 2007 in Japan And 2009 Worldwide. NARUTO SHIPUDDEN: ULTIMATE NINJA 4!
  4. iorn

    Let's have a discussion about Criticism!

    So basically what I wanted to talk about is Criticism....Specifically good vs bad Criticism and how both of them effect different developers along with how said developer should go about handling both types of Criticism to avoid harming their product or looking like a butt. ((Might need...
  5. Runako

    Slice and Dice (Like Fruit Ninja!)(Video Included)

    :kaoangry: So, I'll make this pretty straight forward. With the new RPG maker mv, we can transition our games to mobile. One thing I love is to use my fingers to fight in games. I love slicing and dicing. :kaolivid: Wouldn't it be awesome if there was a plugin that could allow you to recreate...
  6. Haven Frost

    Claptrap sprites

    Here are 2 Claptrap designs I made, The yellow one is "CL4P-TP" and the red one is "Interplanetary Ninja Assassin Claptrap". I made them myself so please add me into your credits if you use them for commercial games. I am making there face grapics and more Claptrap sprites to add to my Claptrap...
  7. Leon Kennedy

    Ninja Sprites [MV]

    Simple request for some ninja sprites, don't have to have a weapon or much detail. I have made sprites but it's far from my strong point it baffles me how people can work with such low amount of pixel but if anyone can help that would be cool thanks. All other resources I found of this are in...
  8. Enemy Graphic Request

    Enemy Graphic for Green Ninja I use VX Ace If it can be as realistic as the default slime enemy that would be great. Please make it have a sword in one hand and it's other hand extended towards the player. In the "stop" motion. Thank You very much, TheGreyBlade
  9. killerfer

    Throw Weapon (Final Fantasy Style)

    I'm in need of a plugin that makes a skill into something like Final Fantasy "Throw". It's a skill where choose a weapon from your inventory and throw it at the enemy to deal damage based on the weapon attack stat. When you throw a weapon, you lose it forever. It would be nice if it's compatible...
  10. Lunawolfcomics

    Ninja battler request for VX ACE?

    Hello there. I'm not exactly new to RPG Maker I started working on a project awhile back that has been postponed and I'm instead working on a brand new one. I'm here to see if someone would be willing to make a custom ninja battler for me. Let me know if anyone is interested, thank you! :D...
  11. Solo

    Use of items and "skill books" restricted by actor/class

    I like the idea of "Skill Books," (items with the "Learn Skill" effect) and was happy that they resurrected this feature for VX Ace. However... it's not quite the same as it was in 2K/3. You can use them on anyone, no matter what... even if the skill belongs to a skill category that the actor in...
  12. ninjalex

    Destiny Warriors: The Way of the Ninja

    Please Delete this topic.  My game will be now be featured on steam.

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