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  1. atoms

    Do you think the MZ version of RPG Maker will be put on the Nintendo Switch in the future?

    In my opinion, it sounds quite likely, I wonder if they'll add more RTP and stuff when they do that?
  2. Creating an RPG with Windows for Switch

    Hi all I've been challenged to create a small RPG by my kids, for them to play on their switches. My main laptop is Windows based. I've seen that MV is coming out for switch later this year. Does this mean that any RPG created with MV on Windows will be exportable to the switch, or would I...
  3. ShidoLionheart

    About RMMV for Switch

    Hi. I don't know if this is the right place where to post this. It's a question. I know that RMMV will came out for Switch (and PS4 I think...) and I have the license of RMMV for PC/MAC. If I want to use it into my switch I have to buy it again? I hope not.
  4. Indsh

    RPG MAKER MV on Nintendo Switch, PS4 & XBOX one

    Here is what looks like a very offical trailor, could someone please tell me about this good news
  5. BottleCapGames

    Nintendo Switch Discussion

    Hello everyone! So here we talk about Nintendo Switch Stuff! Or other Nintendo things! So chat! (Also, I'm a Nintendo Maniac. Don't mind me.) :kaoswt: Latest Nintendo Switch Game: Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Thread Favorite Nintendo Switch Game: Legend of Zelda : Breath of the Wild

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