nio kasgami

  1. nio kasgami

    RMMZ Nio_StateSpriteFollowers (Dev)

    Introductions Familiar with the old rpgs like Dragon Quest wheres when your heroes was showing as coffin when they was K'O? Or how actors was showing different walking sprites depending if they was poisoned etc? Welp this plugin is does all of that! and even more! Features : Change followers...
  2. nio kasgami

    Nio Kasgami Ressources ShowCase

      Heyos people! Nio Kasgami here, and welcome in my resources showcase where I will do mostly RTP resources.   My specialty are face sets, bust and full body(or battler). I will generally post resources from the RTP New Generation!   Project RTP New Generation?   How this work?   About the...
  3. nio kasgami

    Venka Crafting System Candy Edition

    Original Script : Venka Candy Edition :  Nio Kasgami Data : 2014-09-13 Type of script : Misc Scene , Sprite Dificulty of the script : easy , Hard Script version : V.0.1   Introduction  Everyone begin to know Venka crafting script but Now me Nio Kasgami Arrive with a totally new edition : the...
  4. nio kasgami

    Historically Inspired Faceset

      In coloboration with Bukarett historically inspired battler               (work on it)   need to be use with historically inspired battler and can't be modify or redistruate on a other forum you need to brings the links. you can use it both commercial or not as long you credit me.   To do...
  5. EvilEagles

    nio kasgami

      Tomb Raider - nio kasgami   Status: In Transit Cleared: 0/100 Rank: Mark of Bravery    Please specify which theme you are doing when submitting entries. You may request for an update of your status bar any time. Feel free to put it in your signature for bragging rights. If I forget to...
  6. nio kasgami

    Multiple class in battle

    Like the title said I wanted to know if the ''concept'' of have multiple class will be usefull? in simple my game Kamisama you only play 1 character trough all the game or almost  so naturally the character can't handle to have only one class for fight because it will be to much hard for him...
  7. nio kasgami

    Rpg Maker Story

    Original Title : RPG ツクール Story Alternative Title : Rpg Maker Story Author : 荷を 春日未 / Nio Kasgami Management: Hirei Corrector : Cashmere Type :  Fantasy / Adventure / Humor / Sci-Fi / Action Statut : Ongoing Number of novel : undertermined Number of chapter per novel : 9 Number of pages per...
  8. nio kasgami

    Hero Engine V.1.0

    Hero Engine  Created by Nio Kasgami     Introduction  What is Hero engine ? Is a special engine who permit to Recustomize all the Rpg maker aspect in a graphical way! AND add new fonctionnality! Is permit to simplify the life of rpg maker user ! Some exemple who better explain the concept :3    ...
  9. nio kasgami

    Nio Kasgami Sketch books

    Hello everyone! my name are Nio Kasgami and i am a young mangaka who drawing since 2008  normally i don't post my draw but dalph insisted for I create a topic of where post my sketch and my draws... so enjoy! and don't hesitated for comment my draw i love comment is help me to improve...
  10. nio kasgami

    Dark Fantasia Battle System

        EXEMPLE VIDEO OF THE ORIGINAL GAME CONTENT For the moment this system was in develloppement and risk to take a little time for be able to be usable If you wanted to help me with script or created ressources for my system it wil be apreciated you...

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