no damage

  1. razluna

    Character keeps taking no damage, how do I fix that?

    I've posted the information below about my stats, I don't know why but when I test battles my characters are taking no damage and dishing out a LOT of damage, over 250 of damage, which I don't think should be possible considering the low stats and how the formula is still default. When I do the...
  2. GlitchyTSP

    Is there a way to make an enemy immune to the battle menu Attack option?

    (Or in this case, fight.) I wanted to make an enemy that can only be damaged by magic attacks (I.E. The option below Fight), physical attacks won't work. However, I'm unsure of how to make the enemy immune to the Fight option, I originally thought if I made the enemy immune to physical attacks...
  3. Specific Weapon for Specific Enemy

    Is there a way to have a specific enemy take zero damage from all weapons and skills except for one weapon/skill that deals a specific amount of damage every time? For example, a vampire enemy with a max hp of 20. All weapons/skills would do zero damage, but a holy sword (or something) would do...
  4. thekingohearts

    Battle Event, activate when doing no damage

    The idea is: this you are fighting 2 slimes guarding and not doing damage allows the slimes to give text speeches. How do I do that? When I try to do a conditional branch that activates if  my character guards the event does NOT activate. Scripts I'm  using in this order...
  5. Treegen

    Bow with animated battlers: NOT WORKING

    So im using victors animated battlers and i want my bow to shoot then do damage. i downloaded the graphics from the site for the bow and it shoots fine but when it hits it does no damage :( i looked everywhere and found people fixed the problem but it still wont work for me! can anyone help?

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