no human ears

  1. No human ear

    Hello everyone I need some quick help but I want to share what I did with you as well :) So there are multiple threads in the forum about removal op human ears for animal ears. I took what "Enterbrain" once did and Baka-Chan posted...
  2. inujuju

    Generator SV/TV/TVD Earless Character

    Hey guys! I've noticed a few posts getting rid of ears for characters with other types of ears, mainly the beast ears, for the face but not for the sprites. I am currently working on editing the base sprites to have a version that are earless. This will take some time to get them all done, as...
  3. Baka-chan

    Generator files for earless characters (for animal ears)

    How to use: Enter the folder where you have RPG Maker MV installed Copy files into the Generator folder Start RPG Maker MV Open the Character Generator Choose Ears -> 3rd option (no ears) Add animal ears and customize the rest of your Demi-Human Example: Download: No human ears: Generator...

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