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  1. Faherya

    RMVXA Brave New World

    Brave New World Intro A few months ago, when Steam announced the end of Greenlight, there were several discussions about how the new system worked. From these conversations came the theme "RPG Maker Games on Steam". Theoretically, many of them do not deserve the prominence given to them...
  2. GammaVector

    Witch: The Thousand Year Legend

    A thousand years ago, a portal to hell was opened. From it spewed Corruption – a dark energy which withered anything it touched. A thousand years ago, the portal was sealed. Around it grew and enchanted forest where time never passed. Inside that forest, locked away from the world, the witches...

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Well, I've got a party tomorrow, and my friends are coming over. I wanted to work a bit on the Fandom Scouts assets so I can be ready when that update arrives... in other news, Pizza Time Horror is getting a second teaser, and it shows Cabaret Helen's last performance before the location closed.
Also who used to be scared of Chuck E as a kid? I was! Now I love him!
The new cards and what they do:

(I am clearly not a youtuber... Haha)
Just for the record you CAN use the "Exclude unused files" successfully to trim a project down seriously even if you're doing calls to various assets via plugins and such. BUT you need to do a full playtest of pretty much every option to ensure you did get every one of those other assets added in. Then I dumped the assets into a fresh copy of the project and yay it was like 400 Meg......
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If you've played Knight Shift Chapter 1 this image'll mean something to you. If not, that's also fine!

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