1. birdbert

    RMMZ Is NodeJS a dependency or not?

    I only own RMMZ and have never used RMMV. I am trying to get SRD Character Creator EX ( http://sumrndm.site/character-creator-ex/ ) working in RMMZ using Fossil ( https://github.com/FossilMZ/fossil-MV-MZ ). If I ever make progress I'll post it in a separate thread ;) While trying to debug I...
  2. ledomaine

    (MMO)RPG Maker MV

    MMORPG Maker MV aka MMOMV (pre-v1) Download : https://github.com/samuelcardillo/MMORPGMaker-MV --------------- Guides : https://github.com/samuelcardillo/MMORPGMaker-MV/wiki --------------- Roadmap : https://trello.com/b/m4leXuBa/mmorpg-maker-mv-version-1-todo-list --------------- Join the...
  3. Jonforum

    RMMV tips: Upgrade NWJS and Chromium 67,68 64bits

    rmmv v.1.6> only You keep updating is imperative to fix security breach, but also to optimize your project and get the performance gain that is constantly updating. And get all new features update will give to you. We go here to see for the beginner how to update nwjs No need to wait until...
  4. Jonforum

    RMMV PRO TIPS: How to compress your ressource (one files exectuable)

    Using ENIGMA VIRTUAL BOX are not easy performance issue This method is extremely easy and keep performance keep speed game memory cache related to: http://docs.nwjs.io/en/latest/For Users/Package and Distribute/#package-option-2-zip-file Nw.js Standard file packaging First, copy the...
  5. Kino

    Node.js HTTP Requests In Depth

    Node.js HTTP Requests In Depth Node.js has nice modules for making HTTP and HTTPS requests. You can see a basic introduction in this post, but here's a quick overview. HTTP Overview HTTP requests allow a program to interact with resources on a server using four kinds of request methods...
  6. Kino

    Node.js Require

    Node.js Require The "require" function is used often in Node.js applications. Node allows you to require modules from different files and use their content in other parts of your application. The "require" function also maintains a cache. Now, most would not touch the cache. But today, let's...
  7. Kino

    Node.js Process

    Introduction "process" is one of the most important global properties in the Node.js process. The process contains information on the context that Node.js is running your script or application in. Now, let's get into detail; we'll be discussing what process is and important properties plus...
  8. Kino

    Node.js Streams

    Introduction Streams are a common class to use in Node.js. Streams allow you the developer, to send data in chunks, rather than all at once to a file or some other output. Today, we talk about the types of streams, important stream methods, and the benefit of streams. Let's start with stream...
  9. Kino

    Node.js Events

    Introduction Events are the backbone of Node.js. Node.js is an event-based API that uses events to manage complex operations. So, what are events? Events Before we can talk about Node.js events, the best place to start is with JavaScript events. JavaScript events -- clicking the mouse button...
  10. Kino

    Node.js Making Directories

    Introduction Continuing from our second post on Node.js, we're going to make directories to properly store and hold files. You might think this isn't important, but let's talk about the benefits. The Benefits The benefits of making directories or folders are that you can organize files and...
  11. Kino

    RPGMakerMV & Node.js Part 1: Reading And Writing Files

    Introduction Following up on the Node.js post, we're going to create our first plugin in RPGMakerMV with Node.js. Now, this post will require some JavaScript knowledge to follow effectively. Let's begin. Part 1: Setting Up Our Plugin First, we create our closure. A closure is a function wrapped...
  12. Kino


    Introduction Node.js, as mentioned previously, has a lot of modules with different APIs. These APIs give you lots of functionality. Today, we're touching on HTTP & HTTPS. HTTP & HTTPS HTTP and HTTPS are protocols (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) used to transfer information over the internet. Your...
  13. SirMcPotato

    RMMV MMO Devkit with Nodejs + Socket.io

    GitHub - Sources (zip)   Hi there! I wanted to introduce you my MMO devkit for RPG Maker MV, built under NodeJs & Socket.io. I had this project idea when I saw that RMMV would run JavaScript as scripting engine. I thought it will work with the javascript V8 engine (the same as...

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