non combat

  1. Check if a skill is being used outside of combat

    I'm trying to make a puzzle in my game and I'm trying to make the solution to the puzzle the use of a skill. However, I cannot figure out how to check if the player is using the skill on the event. I don't want to make it obvious because the puzzle is supposed to be difficult. Because of that, I...
  2. HayateKung

    Examples of RPG Maker (esp. MV) game without battle

    Hey All, A newbie here working on a school project with RMMV. I'd like to ask if there is an example of RPG Maker games without elements of fighting. I am trying to create a storytelling game based on real life, and I would not need any of the fighting sequences. I am considering mini-games to...
  3. kiriyubel

    Help with the menu

    Good day, all. I hope this is the right place to post this: I'm using RPG Maker VX Ace, and I'm making a game in which there will be no combat, so, no Skills, no Weapons, no Armours, etc. I need a menu which will give me the options: Notes, People, Events, and Conclusions, and these option will...

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