1. QueenTeaYT

    Quest Log script not working?

    My "Quest Log" script ( ) isn't working when I try to access my quest log. I also use a "Non-Combat Menu" script ( ) if that matters. Both are under MATERIALS, the menu script immediately...
  2. tale

    [VX Ace] VN Ace - Non-battle Script List

    RPG Maker VX Ace : Non-battle Script List Click on the link at the top of this post to visit the VN Ace - Non-battle Script List! Since the list is long, there are 16 contents to choose from- Event | Map | Shop | Party Sprite | Scene | Message | Title Save |...
  3. Vincent Chu

    How to make the main actor non combat in MV

    Sorry if this has been dealt with already but I'm awful at searching. How can I set it so that your one starting character is forbidden from fighting but is the main party leader all the time like in Pokemon (except I'm not making a Pokemon clone game). Note that I want to be able to have the...
  4. Kamayak

    In-game Menu

    I want to make an extra window in my games in-game menu (non-combat) where I want a small text explaning the controles eg. "X selects menu, Z exits current menu" but I have no idea how to do so and I can't seem to find what I'm looking for in the forum :( Is there anyone that knows how I can...
  5. Silenity

    Non-combat player skills?

    What kind of non-combat skills or talents do you like to give the player, if any at all? A lot of modern day RPGs are using a a form of thieving, speech, and crafting.
  6. Kitsou

    Realism regarding spells & non-combat

    For the upcoming RPG Maker MV I'm planning to make a game, where you play as a time mage. Therefore you have a little bit of time control, which is displayed mainly in battle by manipuliating turn order, buffing, debuffing etc. But I'm not sure how realistic the world outside of the battles...
  7. Paramecium13

    Abilities System

    Abilities System By Paramecium13 This is a simple script that adds 'abilities' to actors. An ability can be either leveled or not leveled. A leveled ability has a number, its level associated with it (e.g. Smithing: Level 27), whereas an ability that is not leveled does not. This script has a...
  8. Pixel Brady

    Need more recruits for "Colonist" - VXA

    Recruitment details are below! If you'd like to be a part of Colonist, just drop a post here or on the blog and we'll talk! :) Colonist is an exploration/simulation game. There's no combat, no gory battles and wars and no villain to combat. Sound boring? Well you're stuck in the wilderness...

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