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  1. l8rose

    L8rose's General Resources [7/5/2020]

    :Credit: L8rose :Non-Commercial: Just credit me and you're golden :Commercial: Not for Standard Commercial (see contests for special circumstance) :Contests: May be used in games for contests. Commercial after a contest is okay provided you contact me first about using the artwork and I...
  2. icerose05

    Games Based Off of Creepypasta?

    I've had two ideas for games based off of Creepypastas, and I am debating whether going through with making these games because I don't own the stories and I can't seem to get permission to use them. The first one is based off of One More For the Orphan:  This story was written May 6, 2008...
  3. [VX ACE] request for facesets/spritesets/battler

    Hi everyone! I'm looking for artists who are interested in creating facesets/spritesets + 1 battler (see below). You can do these separately and for one character so there's no obligation that you have to do both. Any help is greatly appreciated as I am pretty crummy with art/digital art. o My...
  4. Lord Malkom

    Is it legal?

    Hello there community, I got some questions about ressource legality. I want to know if the following things are legal in non commercial project and in a commercial project. So I know that for Lunareas ressources it is allowed to use it in non commercial. But she wants to get asked if it's a...
  5. Macko89


    (READ THIS GUYS BEFORE GOING FURTHER ON) Right guys I'm not demanding for all this stuff even tho it looks like it but I'm not. I'm simply requesting for this stuff if ya cant help me then that's fine. I wont cry like a sissy girl or anything lol because I cant force ya to help me or out but if...
  6. Jiggy

    WE Need You (Yes YOU) In My Team

    Hello everyone! My name is Jigs. It's a reeeaaally weird name. haha. You probably have seen this before but if not, I am making a non-commercial game using RPG Maker VX Ace. I am already working with a team, but I need more help. And that means I NEED YOU. :D here it goes >.<   Story...
  7. Conect11

    Free music

    Hello all,   Long time no see. Not sure if this is the right place, or even appropriate, since I have to link somewhere else, but I read today that Youtube is providing free (and royalty free) music for projects. Terms of use allow for use in projects outside of Youtube. Enjoy. Youtube Audio...

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