1. Rubescen

    RMMZ CrossingTales - a completely *linear* epic *fantasy* rpg

    -- Come experience the EPIC STORY of me, Stephenor Stephanie, as I journey to the Well of Creation to stop the Dark Witch from destroying the world. -- Play in Browser or Download for Windows: SYNOPSIS SCREENSHOTS CHARACTER CREDITS
  2. gvduck10

    RMVXA Chef Excellent Master Time (Res)

    GAME LINK (I apologize in advance, this is an old file and I no longer have the original so I cannot make any edits) *INSPIRATION* and SYNOPSIS I was watching some Asian cooking contests and gameshows, when I noticed the tendency...
  3. Rubescen

    RMMV Opal - A Gothic Fantasy RPG (Version 1.01 update)

    Opal (vers 1.01) is now updated! Opal is a 16-bit retro-style gothic fantasy RPG with multiple endings and a variety of ways to progress. Explore the city of Opal in search of a cure for your mother's illness and uncover the grim history that lies within. Check it out, and let me know what...
  4. BlueComet

    RMMV Dark Horizon - BCS (DEMO)

    DARK HORIZON by Blue Comet Studios SECTION A: SYNOPSIS Hi, my name is Dakota. I am the Artistic Director of Blue Comet Studios and of Dark Horizon. Our purpose in putting our game on this forum is to help drive hype toward our game and get some much-needed feedback on it. If you have any...
  5. Hopeless Dreamer

    RMMV Titans of Illumia (15+hrs Non-Linear RPG)

    Synopsis Explore the mysterious island of Illumia with it's many secrets and treasures. Non linear interactive gameplay allows you to choose how you play with different routes and endings. Progress is determined by the treasure you collect allowing you to clear obstacles and beat bosses without...
  6. PersuaderGames

    RMMV Detective Trapu Episode 1 - Suicide Downtown v0.9

    PersuaderGames present Introduction Paris, present time. After a tough night roaming the streets of Paris, our hero gets a call. A suicide in the city center, fancy area. Business as usual. But is it really just a suicide? Dive into the city of lights, find the clues and solve the case...
  7. Dark Gaia

    Heroes of Legionwood: Age of Darkness

    Introduction   Heroes of Legionwood: Age of Darkness is a classical style fantasy cRPG set in a world on the brink of annihilation. It is the first installment in the brand new 3 part Heroes of Legionwood saga. Although it is the first episode in a trilogy of adventures, Age of Darkness can...
  8. Advent Peril : Dawn of a New Age (Action RPG)

           Hello Community! EncryptedKnight here to welcome you to my Project Beta. It has taken me 8 long months to develop this project, and I have come to the point where I can use some user feedback in regards to resources used, game mechanics, and story line as well as overall map appearances...

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