noob poster

  1. Davox

    Help with Tilesets :)

    NOOB POSTING :D Hey guys!, i've seen this awesome beds <--snip, mod action--> and they look really cool, but i don't know where and a little of how insert them in the tilesets. So, yeah,i'd really need some help again :kaoslp: ~Davox :kaopride:
  2. Davox

    Making a tree dialogue

    Hey guys, I've been trying to improve my project's dialogues and i thought about a dialogue tree, but I've been struggling a bit, mostly, because i have no idea on how to make one lmao :aswt::aswt:, so i was wondering if there's a plugin that can make things easy, then again, i totally depend on...
  3. Davox

    Help & ideas with alternative battle system

    So, i've been trying to find alternatives to the default battle system in RPG MV, i found THIS GEM: its called PRABS or something, it look gorgeous, but i need some help to apply this to MV:aswt2:. anyway if you had some more ideas, tips or another system that look like this i would be really...
  4. basic stealth coding question ???

    Hello internet friends can I please have some help with my stealth code I am super new to rpg maker mv and have never used Java script before I am enjoying adding a little stealth level to my game I am mainly copying these cool tutorials even tho they are for vx ace and I am using I am...
  5. Davox

    Barricades, palisades and/or Fortress-like walls

    I've been trying to surround my fortress with walls, but none of them really convinced me, i would also like palisades, 'cause i think they can fit with improvised or primitive military camps. please guys, i would be glad if you can help me. as soon as i can improve my skills, i'll make my own...
  6. Davox

    Underwater fish and general water type animals

    Hey guys! i've been trying to find some animals that live or can swim in water like turtles, ducks or fishes, im still learning how to make my own sprites but i'm not good enough to use them on my game:aswt:. So im hoping you guys can help me finding what im looking for. Thanks :D ~Davox:kaopride:
  7. Davox

    How many pixels does the battle window cuts??

    I tried to use my own actor face, a custom one but it appears only from the eyes above, and the default party member is ok, I noticed it cuted a little of the portrait of each actor, so I was wondering how many in pixels if possible, so I could resize it and make it tall enough. Thanks for...
  8. Davox

    Can't load "Iconset" from Yanfly's Icon generator

    I used the icon generator once to transform my icons from the default rmmv to rmvxa and i succeeded, however i tried to updated it once again, and i save the icon sheet, but it won't load, i already deleted the old sheet in output and export the new one, but it appears as if nothing has changed...
  9. Davox

    How to export/import tilesets?

    First of all, sorry if i posted in the wrong section,i'm still new, i've been messing with the tilesets for a while but i really wanna make a focused subject/theme tileset (sorry if im not clear). so for exmaple, i wanna make a fantasy forest map, so i need the graphics and i have them, how...
  10. Davox

    RMMV Magic Academy Ranks

    So, i have this idea of a magic school in my project, and besides being another plain location I want it to be more dynamic, so, you can enroll any character from your party that has magic abilities and then you'll be assigned a mission,(finding objects,dungeons,puzzles...) Then you'll earn...
  11. Monkeynugget

    Events Attack Each Other

    Hi All Wonder if anyone can help In the pursuit of making my environments more active i'd like to be able to make events interact upon touching one another For example when this barrel hits the Lamia I want it to play an animation and erase the Lamia HOWEVER it needs to be able to miss...

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