1. RMMZ Trying to get VisuStella Portrait menu working

    Last Rpg Maker I used extensively was VX Ace so it's certainly been a while. I received MZ as a b-day gift and wanted to find something similar to what Yanfly had made in the past, that's how I came upon the VisuStella plugins. I'm trying to get the portraits to show in the menu using the core...
  2. My Events are replacing themselves?!? ... Help??

    In my 'Common Events' tab, I've got an 'Event' deleting itself, and replacing with a random one. ...ok, so, here's a bit of the code, its located in the first "Common Event" tab: @>Control Variables: [0041:En1 X actual] = [EVT En1]'s Map X @>Control Variables: [0042:En1 Y actual] = [EVT En1]'s...
  3. HalcyonDaze

    A Coding Conundrum

    I don’t know if this is the board for this, but maybe someone can help a coding layman out here. I’m working on an Android app for a website I run. Everything works flawlessly so far, since its a very simple app. However, I need to implement the ability to access device storage so the user can...
  4. dysphoria

    Help: Autorun with Conditions

    Hi, I'm new here. Maybe its a common question but I can't find an specific solution for this. Sorry if it is a noobish question. This is what I want to do: Protag starts in a Temple > Protag leaves the Temple > Protag talks with an NPC who activate a switch> Protag returns to temple and a...
  5. Criticism, Rookie mistakes. Help out a newbie here

    I feel like i need a bit of validation-/ criticism becouse i have been working on this project for easily 50 hours, and the story is barely about to start. I may upload a demo soon, if anyone is interested. This is my first game ever made with rpgmaker, and thats why im craving criticism dy-ish
  6. CyberRuby

    Cyberspace Themed Tileset / Music

    I'm looking for a Cyberspace themed Tileset and a overworld music track to go with it. I'm unfortunately not a gifted artist or pixelartist to create such things. Being a noob at RPGMAKER MV in itself doesn't help either. Here's a less vague description: I'll need it to be compatible with...
  7. map layers help

    Hi, sorry for posting again. I'm having some trouble with my map design and I'm not sure if MV can even do what I want. here is an image to demonstrate what I mean:- https://snag.gy/NODbQh.jpg basically, I know I can put walls and roofs on the cliff type tiles. this will give the map a...
  8. what are the different tileset tabs for?

    im new to rpg maker. so in the database > tilesets > images section, there is A1(animation), A2(ground) and so on. what do these mean? i tried to put a custom tileset i found online here into a custom tileset i created, whilst some of the images showed up in the editor, some of them didnt. is...
  9. hredthel

    Make Damage Popups appear as a group?

    Hey, total newbie to MV here: Very sorry if this has already been answered in a previous thread! I couldn't find it... I have a skill that damages all enemies in combat, and the skill animation is working fine, but I want the damage popups to appear all at once (rather than one by one for each...
  10. Cole_Carbert

    How to remove the "Weapons", "Armor" and "Key Items" slots?

    I'm making a game that won't require the player to have any weapons or armor, so I don't need those slots in the item menu. Is there any way to get rid of them entirely? I don't want them cluttering up the menu when they don't serve a purpose. I also don't need a key items slot, so that should...
  11. Cole_Carbert

    Need help editing a plugin

    I recently posted a request for help editing this plugin, but since then I found an updated version that is supposed to fix the issue I had with it originally. The only problem is that it doesn't. It's supposed to be a plugin to add an HP bar to the map as you walk around that can be turned...
  12. Cole_Carbert

    Help With active battle system?

    I'm creating a game with an active battle system, so instead of traditional battles, baddies will attack you as you walk the trails between towns, but I'm having some trouble. I tried using Kagedesu's Alpha ABS Plugin, but I didn't like how it looked next to my custom sprites (It's designed with...
  13. Plugin Commands and how to use MapSelectEquip by Yanfly

    Hi this is a noob question but how do you use MapSelectEquip http://yanfly.moe/2016/12/03/yep-121-map-select-equip-rpg-maker-mv/ what i have done is make an event used plugin command and entered MapSelectEquip 0002 weapon and i get this this confuses me i would really like help if you can
  14. CaptainVindicus

    Request for a battle ring menu

    Im requesting for something to close to this I've been looking all around and can't find anything like this, any help?
  15. CaptainVindicus

    Layering help

    I am a complete noob at RPG Maker XV Ace and I've been spending forever on figuring out how to layer, theres no tutorials showing how to layer. I want to have, for example, a grass field, and a roof over the grass field, but when I try to put the grass under the roof, the grass either just goes...
  16. Animated Cutscenes?

    Erm, I'm kinda new to this, but I'm wondering if it's possible to import animated cutscenes? Like, to personalize the story at points it has full on animated cutscenes. Just lemmie know if it's possible and what program to use if it is. Thanks! Sincerely, The most awkward hooman in existance
  17. ThiagusTV

    My name is Tiago! Thank you all!

    Good evening everyone! I am very happy to have found this forum. My real name is Tiago and originally I'm Brazilian heheh! I am a game creator and my games are in English. I usually like rpg maker games when they are scary. Can someone tell me where I can post about my project? (Please! Send me...
  18. SCG4473

    [RMMV] Giving things stats

    Sorry if this' already been asked one hundred thousand times but,,,,,, How do I balance out the numbers in my games? For example, how do I determine how much damage my weapons do, how much defense my armors give, damage + MP/TP costs of my skills, how much MP/HP my potions restore and even the...
  19. VexGaming

    Counting Buffs?

    Are there any plugins or functions that lets me counts the number of buffs or debuffs that an actor has been affected with? I wanted to use it in my skill damage formulas.
  20. DapperHound

    New: Need Help With Relationship System

    I'm completely new to RPG Maker (I use MV btw), and this is my first post on these forums. So excuse me if I am in the wrong area for what I need to ask. I have been creating small test games over the past few days to make sure certain aspects that I want in my actual project will work...

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