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  1. MorsVictrix

    RPG Maker MV not showing taller door in game

    Hi! I'm experiencing an issue with RPG Maker MV not showing taller doors in game. I bought and tried to use FSM DLC doors, but they just don't show their upper part in the game. I even tried copying the FSM sample game door event into my game map, and in the FSM sample game, the doors work, but...
  2. zotzuko

    Rpg Maker MV don't shown.

    Hi, I have Rpg Maker MV for along time and I don't know what happen with this, because when try to launch that can't show, it's like don't want to show in my PC. I was try everything, I uninstalled and install it again but nothing happen, I was try change the compatibility, but nothing happen...
  3. lithkast

    CP Luna's Status Config: Cant get stats2 to show (hit, crit, etc)

    As the title states, I'm having issues getting the stats to show up on the status screen.  Here is the code for reference. When in game, I'm not getting anything to show up.  I know its not a z: positioning problem because the z position is the same as the main stats (ATK, DEF, ETC) and they...
  4. Benja

    Skills not showing up in game?

    Recently while working on my game, I noticed that none of my skills show up in battle or in the skills menu. It has said that my character has learned paralyze and sweep kick but none of them are showing. I tried a new game, and that didn't work. Please help me so I can continue my game!

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